The price has dropped to the end, only to get the 10 million order of heat resistant bearings

156 Published by admin Mar 22,2019

What is the nature of the negotiations? My personal point of view is a win-win situation, you take what you want, I take what I want. But for many foreign traders, the negotiations mean a "zero-sum game". When he takes the order of heat resistant bearings he wants, it often means the complete defeat of other fronts.

I had an impressive negotiation experience. It was a $10 million order for heat resistant bearings. It was said that the last moments were already exposed, but the customer still killed the target price of heat resistant bearings. At this time, I had a disagreement with the leader:

The leader said: We can't lose the order of this heat resistant bearings, the price of heat resistant bearings that customers want, we try to apply, I will get the boss.heat resistant bearings

I said: We can't cut the price any more. According to reliable sources, the customer has already communicated with CITIC Insurance to transfer some credits from the competitors. I have reason to believe that this amount is given to us.

I didn't insist on the opinion (after all, I was afraid of losing orders for heat resistant bearings, $10 million), so the final leader took the board and gave the customer the price of the heat resistant bearings he wanted. Then, after the customer confirmed the order for the heat resistant bearings, I sent back and forth several reports and waited for nearly 20 days before I finally got the boss's approval for this price.

If I learned Neil Lakeham’s three-stage purchase, I should insist on not cutting prices, but well, under the performance appraisal system at the time, it would have little effect on me, but for For the company, every 1% loss can be $100,000.

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