How to get UAE customers to purchase our idler pulley bearing?

221 Published by admin Mar 21,2019

In May last year, I found a customer website for J in Google. I went to see that I was a customer D of a trading company I was with. My first reaction was more complicated, because this customer is very clear to many suppliers in our industry. The amount of idler pulley bearing will be more than 20W each time, and D has cooperated with the trading company I know for more than 5 years. Many companies want to overcome D, but in the end they all have no news. I am a person who is more "squeaky" and likes to be a hard-bone bone. I don't dare to swear. I have to give it a try, so after I have investigated and thought about it, I am determined to take him....

At the beginning, I only knew a mailbox starting with info@ from the customer website, tried all the methods, could not find the contact information of the key people, and could not contact their BOSS or purchase. So, holding the mentality of a dead horse as a living horse doctor, I thought of a somewhat funny way, choose several idler pulley bearing from their website, and then say that the quality of their idler pulley bearing is problematic. According to info@mail, the title is "QUALITY PROBLEM-URGENTLY".

I was writing this email at the time: I purchased some of idler pulley bearing from your company last week ,but now idler pulley bearing color is shade and so bad quality with fake bad gold plated .Why!!! Please ask your manager or boss give me a explanation or I will return you all items with big loss !! I need State to your manager !!!!!idler bearing

In fact, I was deliberately creating a tense atmosphere, indicating that I am very angry, must be BOSS or manager to give a statement. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon (the other time is in the morning), they quickly replied to my mail. Their BOSS mail was directly copied to me in reply to my email, and I was lucky enough to get the information I wanted.

Soon, I used the sales mailbox to use the sales identity, like the process of developing a new customer, contacted them BOSS D. Of course, they don't know who I am, so I will report to my home. In the mail, I briefly introduced the situation of the factory, and then sent several idler pulley bearing pictures and prices of some idler pulley bearing that they often purchase. Because this guest is very familiar with me, I just came straight to the point to introduce some of the advantages of our idler pulley bearing and the supplier situation he is currently working with, but I did not say any offensive bad words. In addition, I said something about their market. However, at the time BOSS D replied that they did not want to change the supplier of idler pulley bearing...

Sometimes we really have to ask ourselves why? Maybe, my heart is not so entangled and painful! The inner strength is sometimes tempered like, I can only comfort myself, then I will wait, I will wrap you, and you will not take care of me... It seems that there is a kind of stalker a feeling of……pulley bearing

The second measure: take the initiative to send a hug, send samples of idler pulley bearing for free
No way, for such a customer, if I am eager to seek success, it is definitely not possible to start directly from the order and the provocation relationship. So, I think that since you are a businessman, the interests are supreme, free things and more choices, you will not refuse to go out! Therefore, I picked several good idler pulley bearing from the sample chamber of the idler pulley bearing and delivered them directly according to the address of their website. I paid the courier fee myself. The express delivery is accompanied by some basic information about me, the catalog and quote of the idler pulley bearing. After they received it, they did not reply to me, and they probably did not know that I sent it.

I continued to be cheeky and directly called them BOSS D. I said that I sent you some samples of idler pulley bearing for free. The personnel of your company received it. You can check it for me. If it is good, I have more other here. Idler pulley bearing sample, I can send a picture or express to you...

In fact, I didn't get any substantial feedback on the day, but the next day, BOSS D replied directly to me, saying that I was very interested in the sample of our idler pulley bearing, but I don't need it...

Even so, I am already happy enough. Because the customer is on my idler pulley bearing
Interested, as long as our idler pulley bearing meets their tastes, the market is right, once there is a good sales and opportunity, the opportunity for cooperation will come...

The third measure: install "professor", I am more professional than you, you follow my ideas
As long as you say "you are interested in my things," I will continue to apply some idler pulley bearing pictures and industry information to them every week according to their favorite style, saying that this is our week or This month's new style, although each time the other party did not reply to me...bearing

In fact, the purpose of my doing this is to prove: 1. Our company's ability to develop products is really good, and the speed is also very fast; 2. Our products meet the appetite of their market; 3. Our company really wants to cooperate with each other...

Hard work pays off! By August, BOSS D sent an email and some pictures of the idler pulley bearing and let me give him a quotation for idler pulley bearing.

For this quotation, I have done a lot of analysis very seriously. After reporting the price, I also listed the price range of the same type of idler pulley bearing in different regions, as well as the color and polishing degree of different colors and materials produced by different materials. Many people will feel that it is unnecessary. In fact, you are wrong. For new customers, we must prove that they are more professional than the other party, so that they can be persuasive, let the customers shine, and psychologically start to recognize you. The signal released to the customer is: You don't know, it doesn't matter, I will teach you, I am professional enough.

Just slowly dragging it into September, the turn came. I still remember very clearly that on the afternoon of September 12th, BOSS D sent an email and said that he will come to China next month, hoping to visit our company. At that time, I believe that many people understand, but I have been wrapped around you for more than half a year...

By the time of November, I received more than 160,000 idler pulley bearing for their first order (idler pulley bearing samples order). This year, he gave me another 250,000 orders for idler pulley bearing.

If you need any brand bearings or any models of bearings, please contact me!

Contact: Grace
MP/Whatsapp: +8618668903871

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