Ups and downs, one year of foreign trade on the order of high speed ceramic bearings

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On October 8, 2014, I started to work at the company, my first job. Because I like the environment that is free to develop and not constrained, and the easygoing of my colleagues, I feel good about the company during the summer internship. I remember that at that time, there were other people who introduced me to the work, but I didn’t think about it. I came here directly. It is a kind of love and a fate in the dark.
I just came here and learned to sell as a rookie. For example, when we were single, we said that our entire sales team is selling this high speed ceramic bearings. I can't guarantee that this high speed ceramic bearings have stock or price  will change... I will keep it in my notebook if my colleagues usually guide me; at that time, my colleagues in the company are my predecessors. I will ask if I don’t understand. Now think about it, it is still the most practical and happy at that time. Every day, I am full of energy. Just like playing chicken blood, I need to consider learning skills and working hard to finish an oeder. I don't have to think about more problems, so I grow very fast. I will not forget the feeling of becoming the first order for high speed ceramic bearings. I am excited and proud. I called my father and mother the first time. At that moment, I felt that all the money was worth it. I also realized the attractiveness of sales.high speed ceramic bearings factory

Some seniors told me that I should not use too much force, otherwise one day I will be very tired and very painful. I really didn't understand this sentence at the time. I have been in contact with customers. I am tired, painful, and helpless. Gradually, I understand that sales depend not only on passion, but also on endurance and good attitude. Later, the predecessors went away one by one. The burden on my shoulders is heavy, and there is more to learn and be responsible. In January 2015, I signed the first big order for high speed ceramic bearings in my life. Three cabinets, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep for a few days. It was a kind of satisfaction that I had never had before. . When I received the bonus from high speed ceramic bearings oeder, I was excited and scared. I suddenly realized that I grew up and could support myself. But I think this order for high speed ceramic bearings has some lucky ingredients in it, and I told myself to take orders of high speed ceramic bearings from new customers. In March, I took a domestic order for high speed ceramic bearings. In May, I took the high speed ceramic bearings of a cabinet in African countries. Although there are not many goods, it is the one that I am most proud of, from the beginning to the end. Feet, I am alone in the operation, strange market, strange customers. In June, it became the most painful, paying, and losing Indian order of high speed ceramic bearings. For the high speed ceramic bearings, I couldn’t sleep every day and approached the edge of collapse. This order has changed my attitude towards foreign trade. After that, my mentality has become very peaceful, and I have done my best. The worst plan has become a warning that I always remind myself. In September, and the Southeast Asian customers became the high speed ceramic bearings of the two cabinets. Because of the previous experience and lessons, some things have been prevented before, and the process has become more peaceful. In June 2015, my first exhibition in my life, I went abroad for the first time...

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