The first foreign trade newcomer: Italian customer purchases underwater ball bearings

275 Published by admin Jan 08,2019

As a newcomer to foreign trade, every move is cautious, for fear of doing something wrong. I am eager to make a single order, but there are only a handful of inquiries per day, and even an inquiry for 3-4 days is normal. In the first month of the company, in addition to replying to the previous enquiry and repeating the underwater ball bearings every day, plus the illusion of suddenly coming to a big single to die, it seems that there is no undue wave. Then slowly began to try to use fb, in addition to alibaba and mail, it seems that there is another platform for launching products.

We are doing underwater ball bearings and it is said that it is easy to order. Although I still fantasize every day, I always lose a motivation, and sometimes I even have the idea that I will never be able to issue orders.ball bearings

This idea has continued to come to the last day of the company's first month. I still remember that day I was going to go out (the door that was more than 8 in the morning), but I remembered the work and carried the computer with me. As mentioned above, there are underwater ball bearings released in fb, and I also left WhatsApp, Skype, email and other contact information in my profile. On the last day, one customer saw the underwater ball bearings I posted in fb and contacted me via WhatsApp. Is an Italian customer, want to open a new store online, now looking for underwater ball bearings, just interested in our underwater ball bearings. I recommended him the most popular models we sold. Since it was the first purchase, the number of purchases was really small. Of course, the price of the underwater ball bearings I gave him was not low. (As you know, the quantity is not much. The quote will naturally be slightly higher). What makes me strange is that he didn’t really bargain with me. He didn’t mean anything about the counter-offer. Then I asked for the underwater ball bearings of other materials. It’s a very refreshing person (of course, I’m happy.) ). In this way, the product, the price and everything of underwater ball bearings are fixed, and the difference is PI. But in fact, for me, I have never really practiced before, and PI is a big problem. According to the above terms, one of the first to ask the old predecessors, and one by one to ask the customer. Fortunately, the customer seems to be a newbie, no one is impatient or dissatisfied, and patiently answered my question. Although it was in the waiting room of the railway station, people came and went, and they held the computer alone to endure the strange sunshine of others. However, when doing PI of underwater ball bearings, the heart is arrogant. It became, then I am also a single person! However, it is still necessary to remind you that before you do PI, you still need to see the terms clearly. It is better to find out the matters to be noticed and then look for customers. Otherwise, it is really easy to be seen as a novice.underwater ball bearings

After completing the PI of the underwater ball bearings, confirm with the customer that there is no problem, the customer pays. This customer is also really a newcomer, and the dollar is paid into euros. At that time, I thought I would pay a few more dollars, and I couldn’t give him back. I would either add underwater ball bearings, or I would reserve the next one (think beautiful). As a result, the customer said that he now tends to add Underwater ball bearings, since he said so, I can't say anything. As a result, I don’t know how to add it. (The company doesn’t have training in this area, and even the shipping costs don’t know how to calculate it.) There is no way to find old people. The payment was finally over, and the PI of the underwater ball bearings was sent to the warehouse to prepare the underwater ball bearings. That night was really exciting on the train. I didn't sleep with my eyes closed. I was thinking about whether I would make a big order next time.high speed underwater ball bearings

Unfortunately, this sentiment only lasted until 12:44 in the morning. At 12:44 in the morning, I received a message from the customer saying that although I was really embarrassed, I asked you to give me the return of the underwater ball bearings. Then I can only ask him why he has to refund. As a result, people said that he felt that another famous brand of underwater ball bearings was more affordable and required a refund. He also said that he had the right to request a refund within 7 days after payment, otherwise he would go to alibaba to complain to me. My god! This is the first single in my life, it is such a big moth! According to the way I solved things, I asked him if you didn't try our underwater ball bearings and didn't believe us, and if you asked for a refund, the fee incurred in the middle (the international payment method is basically charged). The fee is the responsibility of you. When you spend money and don't get the goods. Then he said that in Italy, everyone uses the famous underwater ball bearings, and our underwater ball bearings are rarely seen. Grasping this point he said, I quickly told him that this is not the right thing, just that you can open up a new market and it is good for you. It is estimated that he himself feels that it is beneficial to have a good look and say that he finally agrees not to refund.

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