Insocoat bearing cage characteristics

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Special spraying process is adopted for insocoat bearing,which is coated with high-quality film on the outer surface of bearing.The film coating has strong adhesion with the matrix and good insulation performance, which can avoid the electric corrosion of the bearing caused by induced current, prevent the damage caused by current to grease, rolling body and raceway, and improve the service life of the bearing.

fag insocoat bearing
Insocoat bearing characteristics
The process has been continuously improved, insocoat bearing,outer ring or inner ring surface has a layer of 100 microns thick coating, can withstand up to 1000 V DC voltage.Special spraying process can form a layer of uniform thickness, strong adhesion force uniform coating, and then after further treatment, so that it can not be affected by moisture and humidity.
Cage for insocoat bearing:
According to different bearing series and sizes, electrically insulated bearing is equipped with the following cage:
Reinforced nylon 66 cage
Ram plate cage
Solid copper car cage

Advantages for insocoat bearing:
Insocoat bearing can avoid the damage caused by electrical corrosion, so compared with ordinary bearings used in motor operation can be more reliable.Compared with other insulation methods, such as shaft or shell insulation, more cost-effective and reliable.Insocoat bearing have the same dimensions and basic technical features as non-insulated bearings, so they can be 100 percent interchangeable.
Application for insocoat bearing:
Applicable to motor, generator, especially frequency conversion motor is more widely used.
Normal power grid power supply without high-frequency voltage and current components, generally do not useonly high-voltage motor motor such as more than 400 specifications can be used.You don't even have to use it.But now variable frequency power supply, due to the power supply quality contains a lot of high frequency components, due to the motor shaft current increase, resulting in more than 400 normalize all should consider this problem, even the smallest specifications are according to the using condition also consider to install the insulation bearing, such as electric cars, electric railway locomotives, and other general use of the main motor about 100 kw, must use insocoat bearing.
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