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Linear Motion Ball Slide bearings is a linear motion system used in conjunction with cylindrical shafts for linear travel. Linear bearings are widely used as sliding components in industrial machinery such as precision machine tools, textile machinery, food packaging machinery, printing machinery, etc
Due to the contact between the bearing ball and the bearing point, the load is small. The steel ball rotates with minimal frictional resistance, allowing for high-precision smooth motion.
(1) Standard type, clearance adjustment type linear bearing, open type linear bearing, extended type linear bearing, universal type linear bearing
(2) Flange type linear bearings can be divided into: circular flange type, method flange type, elliptical flange type, guided circular flange type, guided method flange type, guided elliptical flange type, and extended circular flange type.
Classified according to specifications and formats:
It is divided into two major series, LM and LME series. Its code name LM series is used in Asia. Based on metric dimensions, the outer diameter tolerance of the matched straight shaft is generally h7. The LME series is mostly used in Europe. Based on English dimensions, there are also metric dimensions, and the outer diameter tolerance of the straight axis used is generally g6. The structural characteristics of the two series are roughly the same, except for differences in size and aperture tolerances.
Divided by shape:
1: Straight cylinder type (shaped like a cylinder, usually installed with a snap ring, used for smaller installation occasions)
2: Flange type (with mounting flanges at the end or middle, which can be installed with screws. The flanges are generally divided into three types: circular, square, and trimmed)
3: The open type shape is like a straight tube, with axial slits on the surface, used in situations where clearance adjustment is required, divided into two types: large opening and small opening
By performance:
1: Ordinary type (for general performance requirements)
2: Super type (for situations with long lifespan and high load performance requirements)

linear motion ball slide LMK

Linear motion ball slide bearings are increasingly widely used in precision equipment or special machinery industries such as electronic equipment, food machinery, packaging machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, machinery, instruments, robots, tool machinery, CNC machine tools, automobiles, and digital three-dimensional coordinate measurement equipment.

linear motion ball slide LMFM

Lubrication and friction: Inject anti-corrosion oil inside the linear motion ball slide bearing. If lubricating with grease, first remove the anti-corrosion oil with kerosene or organic solvent, air dry, and then add lubricating grease. If oil lubrication is used, it is not necessary to remove the anti-corrosion oil, and the selection is based on temperature changes. Shaft lubrication can be supplied from the oil supply pipe or from the oil hole on the outer bearing seat.

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