After the first order from the Maldivian customer, he purchased metric sealed ball bearings

114 Published by May 22,2019

Modified PI for metric sealed ball bearings during the period of 16.16-10.28, PI modification of metric sealed ball bearings. On the one hand, because the customer intends to divide into two metric sealed ball bearings, first take a container and reduce the number of metric sealed ball bearings. On the other hand, for our reasons, the products purchased by the customer include 6 sets of bathroom cabinets, wooden, requiring commodity inspection, and fumigation. This requires more than 1,000 yuan, so I thought of a way to flick him, I hope he replaced it with a stainless steel bathroom cabinet. There is no need for a commodity inspection, because the product packaging has a wooden frame on the outer frame, and it still needs to be fumigated. The customer promised to change the stainless steel material, so the cost of the commodity inspection was saved. Thank you.metric ball bearings

After confirming the PI of metric sealed ball bearings, I have to pay for the customer. I did not directly urge the customer to pay. Just one customer bought a sample of metric sealed ball bearings that day, I told the customer I am happy today because my another client pay the metric sealed ball bearings. He saw that he would arrange the payment for the next few days. On the 29th, the application for remittance was submitted, and on the 31st, the deposit was received.

Upon receipt of the deposit, we will arrange for metric sealed ball bearings to help the customer purchase a few pieces of goods, and write an application to request financial arrangements for other suppliers, because the customer pays us together. Our metric sealed ball bearings are in stock, and the order of metric sealed ball bearings is directly arranged by the quality assurance department to help the full inspection. It is really hard for them.metric sealed ball bearings

The metric sealed ball bearings are ready, and there are problems. The bathroom cabinets have wooden frames that need to be fumigated. The toilet packaging is not good. Consider whether you need to add frames. The customer intends to place orders in two cabinets, so this time with his Foshan supplier, our metric sealed ball bearings are shipped from Quanzhou to Foshan. The safety of the road transportation is unknown, and the mood is very bad in those days. The cost increases and cannot be ensured without security. After talking with the manager, whether it is necessary to add a frame, the bathroom cabinet needs to be fumigated, and it is not necessary to replace it with a plywood. Finally, the toilet is framed, the bathroom cabinet is replaced with a plywood frame, the fumigation is troublesome, the profit is exploited again, and the mood is terrible.metric sealed ball bearings

It is good to get along with the customer. I can only complain with the customer. I said that I was embarrassed by the boss. In fact, I was not slandered, complaining, and feeling bad. The customer comforted me and said that I should not be upset. I am not happy that he is not happy. Then I told the boss that this is not a business. I will place an order immediately. The customer mentioned that the customer is divided into two cabinets. I said that I am happy to hear this news, send a flower to the customer, Skype chat, haha. that's nice.
Write the application box, follow the customer's request, and take a photo to the customer. 11.16 Arrange for the metric sealed ball bearings to Foshan, depressed, promised 3 days to arrive, and now 5 days have not arrived, repeatedly urged to say today. It’s really anxious.Confirm the customs information in the past few days and continue to be busy.

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