Why do Sudanese choose our micro mini bearings after visiting many factory

260 Published by Aug 23,2018

Every time I find a foreigner with different skin colors passing through our door, my nerves are especially excited. I used my lame English to attract foreign friends to our company. I think every time is a chance to become a single. That day, the voice of the manager was so excited and excited that the warehouse had foreigners, let me come over quickly. As soon as the phone hangs, I immediately flew over to our storeroom. Sure enough, I saw two old blacks in our storeroom. After welcoming, I still brought them to our office and product showroom. After coming over, let me give him a blank sheet of paper. When I sit down, let me show him the models of the high precision micro mini bearings that he needs one by one. The whole process lasted for about two hours. He wrote all the models of the high precision micro mini bearings he needed, including the number. Tell me to give him the best price. Then go out and continue shopping. I took the paper to see, whether it is quality, price, or inventory, all of our company's most advantageous high precision micro mini bearings I was full of confidence at that moment. Because I know that in our market, no one has done this series of products. There are also various advantages. So, after a while, we will report the advantage price. And they are less than an hour outside. Come back and get our offer. And tell me that if the price can be, tomorrow will come over the order.micro mini bearings factory

I came to work the next morning and I sent him a message asking about the situation. He replied that the price of the high precision micro mini bearings we gave him was generally high. Let me discuss with the manager, if he is given the lowest price, he will come over the order. I promised him that regarding the price of high precisionmicro mini bearings, you can come and talk face to face with my manager. In fact, the price of the high precisionmicro mini bearings we have reported to him has been the lowest. But I still made some minor adjustments later. But the S customer did not come.

On the third day, I asked him again. He just responded politely to me, or did not reply at all. He is very busy, busy looking for different suppliers in our market and getting the best price. Originally he promised to come over the order this day. However, no. When I get off work, I will come to the new high precision micro mini bearings product and let me quote. Also promised to come back for half an hour to get a high precision micro mini bearings quotation. I and the manager are very convinced that he can't even eat dinner, and report the price patiently waiting for them to come back. Half an hour has passed, no one is seen, an hour has passed, no one has seen, and after another twenty minutes, I will bear Can't stop calling him. He just said to me that they are too tired to go back to the hotel first. The excited heart fell to the bottom.micro mini bearings manufacturer

On the fourth day, maybe my heart is more irritable, just the boss is back on business trip, I also invited the boss to come out, I hope he can come to our company to discuss. But there is no response. Almost eleven o'clock, I don't know where to flash from him to the micro mini bearings price list in front of my office. Still telling me a lot: quickly! Quickly! After a while, a business that was next door to us was there, saying that he would take him to where. Seeing the salesman, I reluctantly gave the customer a micro mini bearings quotation. Same as the peer, if the customer shows her the price of my micro mini bearings, if the customer takes the price of our micro mini bearings to pressure the price of other suppliers, if. . . There are so many possibilities. But after all, it was given. This gives the customer a few days to disappear. Although I still send him a message every day. But the customer still did not respond. Once, the boss saw him at another (our customer) in Auto Parts City. What he asked there was the micro mini bearings that we gave him, and also asked our boss to answer the kind of expertise. It’s just that the boss knows they are from Sudan, and she guesses it should be the customer I mentioned with him. Just left with interest.
After two days of unsuccessful information, the hope for him gradually weakened, thinking that the order of this micro mini bearings flew like micro mini bearings

Because he needs the micro mini bearings that we have an advantage. If you don't give us this order, I always feel a pity, and I am a bit unwilling. But people don't care about me for many days, and then expect to use it.

Perhaps, it is the recollection that will not be forgotten. When I was unprepared, he came again, and came over and sat down directly, taking the quotation of the micro mini bearings we gave him, all of which were marked, placed, and removed. Let me follow the record. After writing, let me do the invoice of micro mini bearings, and also directly took out the deposit of 6000, indicating that I will come back to the deposit of the remaining micro mini bearings.

This micro mini bearings comes with an order. . . Let me be a little caught off guard, and the surprise is too sudden. Haha. . .

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