Sales are not sold, but bought with customers – Kazakhstan customers purchase miniature linear slide bearing

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A is the one I spend most of my time. I have been in contact since the beginning of January. At that time, his move was very strange: I said to the next two high cabinets at the beginning, I asked him to do PI of miniature linear slide bearing. So I did it, and patiently answered all his questions, and ended up with nothing.

In February, I said that I would purchase the miniature linear slide bearing from me, let me do the PI of miniature linear slide bearing, so I once again patiently do PI of miniature linear slide, answer all his questions, and then there is no news, colleagues They all said that they should not ignore him, and they must be a liar. I think that even if he is a liar, he can't lie to me. It is nothing more than a little more time to help him answer various technical questions.

So I still go back to his mail as always, but I don't mention the order of the miniature linear slide bearing in the mail, but the advantages and disadvantages of comparing our company, product information and even other company products are very objective. tell him.

In April, he asked for several models of miniature linear slide bearing, and paid for it, then I gave it to him.linear guide

After receiving the miniature linear slide bearing sample, the customer asked me if this is the company's best miniature linear slide bearing. I recommended him a high quality miniature linear slide bearing. So I sent the sample of the miniature linear slide bearing again. He asked me directly after reading it. If there are any discounts for the next 20 40 high cabinets?

At that time, my offer was very high, because the high-quality miniature linear slide bearing was indeed too high-end, and I myself thought that it was impossible to sell a large amount. It is not necessary to go through the price and the price is high. So I didn't answer his offer. I just told him that the high quality linear slide bearing is very expensive. In their country, it is difficult to accept in the market. I hope he can reduce the number of high quality miniature slide bearings.

I don't know if I am a nosy, but I hope that my customers will find that their purchasing plan is correct after they get the goods. If the inventory is backlogged, it will indirectly damage my interests, because he will not have it in the future. The ability to continue to place orders with me, and will feel that it is not wise to work with us.

But he continued to ask, I still don't answer, I can't give him a discount. I had a lot of room to cut prices for him, but I need to know more. Why does he need such a large amount, is it just a momentary impulse? As a result, he told me that they had newly registered a brand and hoped to start the brand with a high-quality miniature linear slide bearing, which would be good for their future development.linear bearing

Knowing this, I know the price of the miniature linear slide bearing is very important. My colleague began to persuade me: such a big order of miniature linear slide bearing, directly give him the reserve price, so there is a big pen for the sales commission.

I thought about it carefully and it didn't feel feasible. First of all, I am not afraid of his inquiry from other manufacturers, because our company has been engaged in the bearing industry for more than ten years. Secondly, the price I reported myself dropped by 19 dollars at a time. What does this mean? The first one may be that I was wrong at the beginning, and I was not at ease with the work; the second possibility, I am a blackheart, untrustworthy.

What should I do next? I have been thinking for a long time, I will reply to him, I am sorry, I can not give you a price cut, if you must cut the price, then I can give you a $0.50. He naturally did not agree, and he was very angry. Then I told him that the price of the miniature linear slide bearing was not something I could decide, but he could talk to my director.miniature linear slide

So I told the customer about the situation and the director, and I don't want to quote immediately, so I will stabilize the customer first. Our director is naturally smarter than me. He re-quotes the miniature linear slide bearing to the customer in a few days, and lowered the customer's price by 8 dollars. The customer is very happy and we are very happy.

Then these days I was confirming all kinds of information, and many things have not been confirmed yet, but I think that whether he is 3,000pcs or 4,800pcs of miniature linear slide bearing in the end, or not, it is a great encouragement to me.

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