Miniature precision bearings advantage

193 Published by May 17,2019

Miniature precision bearings are divided into:P0,P6,P5,P4,P2 according to the ISO classification standards. The grades are increased successively, where P0 is the ordinary precision, and the other grades are the precision level.The performance of miniature precision bearings requires that the rotating body has high jumping accuracy, high speed rotation and requires little friction and friction change.
How to distinguish miniature precision bearing and ordinary bearings?

miniature precision bearings
Miniature precision bearings and ordinary bearing should be distinguished from the following points:
1, the size requirements are not the same, the high accuracy of the product size deviation (inside diameter, outside diameter, ellipse, etc.) than fine Precision bearing Low grade products require a small value;
2. The required value of rotation precision is different. The rotation precision of products with high precision level (inner radial runout, outer diameter runout, end-face runout, etc.) is stricter than that of products with low precision level;

llh miniature precision bearings
3, the surface shape and surface quality requirements are not the same, the high precision of the miniature precision bearings's surface shape and surface quality (raceway or channel surface roughness, circular deviation, groove deviation, etc.) than the low precision of the miniature precision bearings requirements;
Since miniature precision bearings itself precision within 1 m, it is required to match the machine parts (shaft, bearing seat, end cover, baffle ring, etc.) have a very high dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy, especially the mating surface accuracy to control in the same level as the bearing, this is crucial, and also the most easily overlooked.
Must also pay attention to the matching miniature precision bearing parts if not meet the above requirements, often makes miniature precision bearing in times larger than the original bearing error occurred after installation, even more than 10 times error, completely not be miniature precision bearings, the reason is that the error of the matching part is often not simply by adding up the error of the bearing, but added in different multiples enlarged.
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