Please be patient – remember my first Middle East customer purchasing miniature thrust bearings

236 Published by Jul 24,2018

Recently, my Middle Eastern customer gave me a small order of miniature thrust bearings. Before that, I had a sample list of miniature thrust bearings. However, that is already the case in May. The night before the next sample list, about 10 o'clock in the evening, the customer skype video phone to me, I quickly jumped out of bed, changed the shirt to the living room, connected to Skype. When I switched on, I was shocked. The guest was driving in the desert road, the desert of speed 7, I: "You are driving?!" From the video footage, I saw that there were occasionally one or two cars in the car. He was passing by at the side of the car. He held the steering wheel in one hand and showed two acrylic handicraft samples in his hand, briefly describing his requirements for the model. In that scene, I feel that the beach buggy that I saw at the beach was weak. It can be seen that the guest is a very confident person and the guests are very busy.miniature thrust bearings manufacturer

This is the customer that was contacted by RFQ on April 30th. Before this quotation of miniature thrust bearings, I happened to see a real-time online course in Ali, and listened to another course video about Middle Eastern cultural customs in the foreign trade circle after class. The thinking of communicating with customers is very close to the people. In that instructional video, I learned Arabic in the Middle East. At the time, after the RFQ was quoted to this customer, the school is now selling, and the phone greetings I used Arabic. It may be that the pronunciation is still in place. The guest actually returned to me in Arabic. When I was excited, I kept calm and spoke English. I said that I am actually an English-speaking Chinese. The content is probably to let the customer reply to the details about the miniature thrust bearings. . The guests understood it and said to me, "This is still early morning. I am looking for you after I go to work." I said, "Ah?! Sorry! Then I will call again later. I sent you an email." ——Indicating that the guests are still very diligent, get up very early, and see the foreign calls will be picked up, even in the early morning.miniature thrust bearings factory

Then follow the active phone + mail + Whatsapp + Skype and then contact the customer to learn more about the customer's background and miniature thrust bearings, and quoted him the price. Just like that, one week after the quotation of miniature thrust bearings, the guest case has progressed, come to us to find the sample of the miniature thrust bearings, and then there is the scene of the desert drive to talk about the sample list. Because the guest is not an end customer, he needs to wait for his customer to reply. The sample of this miniature thrust bearings was sent to us. The customer was very satisfied with our quality, but there was no order for a long time. Until now, the order has not been placed. The only thing the guest talked to me is to let us be patient. The only thing that can be appreciated is our patience. During the period I greet you, you greet me. The customer's order for the small miniature thrust bearings will also ask us to help him with the offer. Half a year later, the miniature thrust bearings that were originally proofed, there is still no order. It turns out that the guest changed the material, but the guest still let us quote, because we can also do it

.miniature thrust bearings supply

As long as it is a product containing miniature thrust bearings, he will think of us, he said he is willing to cooperate with us. I understand that the list is small, but still grateful. Maybe the general supplier will not pick up such a small order. For new customers with small orders, perhaps the first contact with the supplier, the communication cost will be higher, the number is too small and some suppliers will be slow. But if we communicate with us, because we have quality assessment before, the guests understand our quality; our quotation and delivery can meet the requirements of his customers; we can communicate with the guests in real time, no matter what time, just awake All of these are the reasons why customers choose us. If they are not, at least, we have a patience.Of course, we also have an evaluation of the customer. The customer's order is a lot. Maybe the number of individual orders is not large, but there are also a large number of orders. Therefore, it can be cultivated for a long time, and the quality of the guests is high. The guests have their own professional design power, so the communication is smoother.miniature thrust bearings supplier

Until the samples of miniature thrust bearings were sent to us at Maolei Bearing, the customer did not even check the RFQ prices that the 10 suppliers gave him. After a lapse of six months after the quotation, I finally waited for an order for a small amount of a miniature thrust bearings.

This is my first Middle Eastern client, a guest from Doha who is from Doha. Now that I have encountered Arabic that I don't understand, I will let him translate for me. He is also very happy.

If you need miniature thrust bearings or any models of bearings,please contact me!





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