70-year-old client, after six months of e-mail contacts, and finally purchase abec 5 bearings

290 Published by admin Jul 23,2018

I remember that in mid-June last year, I received an inquiry from a UAE country. I replied to the inquiry according to the customer's request. Finally, the customer replied to my email. The customer said that he plans to buy 1000 pcs abec 5 bearings. I am very happy to see the emails from customers responding so seriously, because as long as customers can return emails, our hopes for success are very great. Therefore, I made a new quotation to the customer according to the customer's request. Then I started talking for a few months. After the customer received my quotation of abec 5 bearings , I said that my quotation is not good enough. We need to write our manufacturer name, manufacturer website address, and unit price. Finally, a form was sent to the customer. As a result, the customer was still dissatisfied, and he put forward new requirements, asking us to write all the weight and load. At this point I have been going back and forth with the customer for more than 10 emails. I have made more than 10 quotations of abec 5 bearings before and after, and UPDATE has reached 15. Finally, the customer's email said that they were satisfied with our quotation, but did not say the order abec 5 bearings, he asked me to send a stamp with the official seal and our catalogue to their country. I sent it. After the customer received the catalogue and the quotation, she did not say that she would place an order, and when the customer sent the email to the customer after receiving the catalogue, he did not reply to me.abec 5 bearings manufacturer

When the Canton Fair came, the customer sent me an email saying that he was coming to the Canton Fair. I was very happy at the time, thinking that the customer had succeeded in half of this order. Fortunately, the hotel booked by the hotel is very close to the hotel we booked. When I first saw the customer, I was shocked. His hair is white, his walking is not very stable, and his speech is a bit fuzzy. When our boss went to pick him up, our boss said that there must be more than 60 customers. He got on the bus and our boss helped him. Later, I learned in the chat that he is over 70 years old (I really admire this customer, he stayed in China for 10 days, went to many cities to see the factory) and he is Islam, do not eat Chinese food) in these 10 days Inside, he is eating biscuits and fruits, and he has a little food in his country.abec 5 bearings,factory

When we talked about the contract, the customer suddenly said that we would not give the deposit to let us directly produce the big goods. The first time we ordered 1000 abec 5 bearings, we disagreed, the customer was a little angry, saying that we don't trust him, he said he Must see abec 5 bearings and give money again. He said that he is waiting for us to do abec 5 bearings in China. We still disagree, and finally the customer said that they would return to China to fight for money. Because this customer is very embarrassed, and older, many things have been forgotten in a few days, and I have to repeat it. I felt so tired at the time. The result was finally stuck on the payment. The customer sent me an email to me and asked me to re-do the quotation and started a lot of requests. I even think that this order is very difficult to talk about, I want to give up.abec 5 bearings,supply

After a month, the customer sent an email and asked me why I didn't return his email. Did I forget him? I replied to him that my computer had a problem and the mail could not be seen. (It’s actually his mail. I don’t want to go back, because our quotation has been done very comprehensively, but he asked for it in those small details, and we have big heads. Every time it is very demanding. Change) Later, I sent the last quotation of abec 5 bearings to the customer. The customer said that I would like to order 1000 abec 5 bearings, pay 50% of the deposit, let me do PI, I am very happy to do PI, I thought about this time. Definitely successful.abec 5 bearings China supplires

However, things are not as good as I expected, and customers at this time say that they want to buy another abec 5 bearings.
Let me send a quotation of abec 5 bearings, I look at the big head, I made another abec 5 bearings according to his last request.The quotation was given to him, and he was still dissatisfied and asked me to modify it. At this point I am a little annoyed. I returned the email to the customer. I asked him if he could send the deposit of the 1000 abec 5 bearings to the machine. I didn't expect the customer to say OK. I immediately paid the first 1000 abec 5 bearings. Deposit it to me. In this long order, I talked for half a year, and finally came to the original point.

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