Do you know the form and function of precision bearing spacers?

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The precision bearing spacers are mainly used to install a sealing device on both end faces of the rolling bearing. Precision bearing spacers gradually enter the people's field of vision as the industry develops. It is a technology that has been paid attention to in recent years. Before the development of precision bearing spacers, all bearings were open bearings.

Form of precision bearing spacers
The precision bearing spacers have different seals and different sealing effects. The gap between the seal ring and the shaft of the precision bearing spacers is called a non-contact bearing gasket. The seal form is that the smaller the gap, the better the sealing effect, but the reduction of the gap will reduce the allowable rotation speed of the shaft. On the contrary, the larger the gap, the worse the sealing effect, and the higher the rotation speed of the rotating shaft.precision bearing

Precision bearing spacers There is no gap between the seal and the shaft, which is called a contact seal. The precision bearing spacers adopt the contact type sealing type. The contact surface of the contact lip of the sealing ring and the rotating shaft determines the sealing effect. The larger the contact surface, the better the sealing effect, but the lower the rotation speed of the rotating shaft is allowed, and the smaller the contact sealing surface is, the smaller the sealing effect is. The worse, but the rotation speed allows the higher the speed.

The role of precision bearing spacers
The precision bearing spacers keep the inside of the rolling bearing from being basically isolated from the outside. The amount of lubricating oil and grease added inside the rolling bearing is extremely small, and the lubrication effect is greatly improved. Therefore, the bearing spacers can be very Maintain the lubrication state of the bearing to a large extent.precision bearing spacers

Another role of precision bearing spacers is to isolate the contact of various materials inside the bearing, reduce the chance of dust, harmful gases and other substances entering the bearing cavity, and reduce various damages caused by impurities inside the bearing; In principle, bearing spacers can relatively improve the service life of bearings.

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