Lost customers are back – r10 bearing price and service battle

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When it comes to lost customers, it is not completely lost, but it is really a reason for customers to lose trust and find no cooperation. Let me briefly talk about the reason. Things also started from the end of 17 years, when the customer placed an order for r10 bearing, 300 tons of goods, r10 bearing of profit and price can be, in line with their expectations. It was a very pleasant thing, because it was an installment, starting from the first r10 bearing order, the delivery of r10 bearing date had to be extended due to environmental issues. From the promise of the customer to complete all the r10 bearing in April 18, and still there are still dozens of tons of r10 bearing did not send away. The reason is that the factory has to stop production for many times because of environmental problems, resulting in insufficient inventory; payment terms are paid off before shipment at the time, the factory has to find the reason to change the contract to pay the full amount; factory price increase; quality problems and so on. The doping of various causes has prevented the goods from being sent out on time. In order to be able to give customers peace of mind, I gave up the factory, re-find a manufacturing company, bought it at a price higher than the price reported to the customer, and then shipped it, in order to reassure the customer. However, for the long-term, because of the price, especially the exchange rate changes, the loss will be great for me. Under the circumstances, I started a tug-of-war with the customer and found reasons to push away the delivery time of the remaining tens of tons of r10 bearing. I hope that this saw can make up for the loss. Fortunately, the customer is not in a hurry (the customer has purchased some from other homes). As a supplement).sealed bearing

During the entire sawing period, the customer has slowly lost interest in my trust and talk. I also understand the customer's heart. After all, the cooperation has been five or six years, and I understand each other. I will summarize the situation of delayed delivery of communication with customers during this time:
1. First of all, I can honestly tell the customer that it is true that there is a problem with the quality of the factory's r10 bearing, which does not meet the customer's requirements. So I told the customer that because of the quality problems of r10 bearing, I can't ship it to you. Only by determining the quality of r10 bearing is 100%, I will arrange the delivery. This customer is recognized and expressed thanks.
2. Secondly, the issue of environmental protection is a topic that can't be circumvented. The 16-year and 17-year environmental protection, one-size-fits-all problems, etc., caused the factory to stop production, and the inventory of r10 bearing has problems. This is a delayed delivery. A big reason.r10 bearing

Of course, there are a variety of other reasons for delays, and it is impossible for customers to understand and support your delays, so the customer clearly stated that they have found a new supplier of r10 bearing, the price and delivery date of r10 bearing. All are better than me, and all the r10 bearings will be terminated after the cooperation. I heard this news, it really made me feel depressed, sent an e-mail apologetic, and hope to talk more. The customer is still quite satisfied with my previous cooperation and service. After all, five or six years of cooperation, there is no quality accident of r10 bearing, there is no document problem, no other problems, sincere cooperation of five or six years, careful care The customer decided to give me an opportunity to explain, I explained as follows:
1. The delivery date is indeed due to environmental protection and other reasons, and it is clear that even if the price of r10 bearing rises by several hundred yuan, I still have no problem with the price increase of the customer, and bear all the losses, and it is Bear, not let the factory bear;
2. Put the facts and reason. The five or six years of cooperation was really very enjoyable. There was no problem. However, the particularity of 17 years and 18 years caused problems in my work. I failed to anticipate it in time. It was my reason and apologized.
3. Slightly mention the customer's fault, the customer's payment is not timely, resulting in a lot of exchange rate losses.
4. Cooperation for many years, so I am willing to make concessions. The previous payment terms if r10 bearing were 30% or 50% of the order placed (according to the order quantity) and all payments were made before shipment. This amount has been used for five or six years. Based on mutual trust, the payment terms are adjusted to 30% prepayment for the order, and 70% of the bill of lading is paid. The price of the new order r10 bearing also made some concessions, but it was not particularly high.
5. Apologize again and express the strong desire to continue cooperation. We will continue to guarantee the customer with zero quality problems and zero mistakes.

After several emails, the customer forgot me, and the new 300-ton r10 bearing order is willing to continue cooperation.

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