Pakistan clients even under orders of 6206 bearing 160W

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One day last year, someone suddenly called me on wahtsapp but didn't have a note. I also took a few pictures of 6206 bearing. There were several 6206 bearing boxes with Grace written on it and let me quote the price of 6206 bearing. I am still wondering when I sent this thing, but the notes are indeed written by me. It is really important to write your own information on the sample package with a marker when sending samples. If you don’t know it for a long time, the label may be gone, let alone the customer knows, and the marker record can make the mark The time is longer. The B2B trade is like this. After a year or two, when you have to forget, this customer suddenly pops up. This situation is very common, so it is said that foreign trade must accumulate.

I only know that this is a Pakistani customer called Mohammed. I don’t remember when I sent this customer a sample of 6206 bearing. It didn’t even have a long impression on him. The people there are called Mohammed who knows At least one or two hundred Mohammed phones are called Mohammed.

It may have been changed at the time, so there was no remark. Until he re-contacted me, I took a picture of 6206 bearing and looked at my catalog and my 6206 bearing samples.6206 ball bearing

This customer asked me to give him the price of 6206 bearing according to the order quantity. For the order quantity, I am not very optimistic about the order quantity, so the number of customers asking the price is generally not much. Plus, I even forgot this customer, indicating that it was definitely not very optimistic in the past. With the questions raised by the customer, I felt that he was not very professional, so he immediately reported a higher price.

The customer said that the price of 6206 bearing is high, can give him a lower price. Appropriately reduced the price of 6206 bearing to the customer.

He said that he can send him a 6206 bearing sample, so that it is well determined in advance and the buyer can be discussed in detail at the exhibition. I am sure that I will not send it to him. I am not very optimistic about this customer. When I talk about the exhibition one month later, the customer will come to the exhibition. At that time, my foreign trade still stayed at the stage where the customer is God.

After sending a sample of 6206 bearing to this customer, the customer contacted me half a month later.6206 bearing

Here I feel the strength of this customer, and there are still half a month to participate in the exhibition. Customers with strength points will definitely let me send samples of 6206 bearing directly to him. Although I felt that this kind of customer didn't mean anything at the time, after all, I put in 2 samples of 6206 bearing, so I still played the sample of 6206 bearing.

At the show, he glanced at our other samples and didn't have much interest. He discussed the 6206 bearing samples that he had prepared for him last time and determined that the packaging would let us do the same. I have been proofing him for free for the first time. I can no longer be led by the customer. I asked for the courier fee. The customer agreed but they didn’t pay the account. This time I feel that I have not even paid for the account. It is estimated that the scale will not be very large, so he will tell him 100 US dollars in cash at the exhibition, so that he can send him a courier, the customer agrees, and paid 100 US dollars in cash.

The sample of 6206 bearing was sent to him. After about half a month, the customer asked me again. A little unexpected, the number of 6206 bearing has grown so fast, thinking that this may be a price reduction method, slightly lowering the price of 6206 bearing, but the customer is too expensive. Say if you can increase the price to 60,000 pieces, and raise a target price. His target price is obviously not achievable. At this time I applied for the price of 6206 bearing and reported it to steel bearing

He apparently still did not accept it and proposed whether the number could increase to 150,000 pieces. The exact amount is quite impressive. I asked him if he was sure, and we decided to talk about the price of 6206 bearing. The process of bargaining is not a simple preaching, it must have its own thinking.

After a day, the customer sent a message to me saying that they were certain, and asked him to apply for a discounted price that was slightly lower.

The customer is obviously still entangled in the price of 6206 bearing and wants to bargain again. Considering that the customer can't find another company at this time, unless he wants the goods again in the year, I just gave him an ultimatum: "The price is really no way to fall, and it is going to be a holiday soon. If you decide not to be good, We have no time to produce it. If there is no way to deliver before the holiday, we will have to pass the Spring Festival. This time is very long." The customer finally agreed, a total of 160W orders.

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