Why did German customers finally decide to increase the quantity and purchase our radial spherical roller bearing?

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In June 2017, it was my first time to go to Berlin, Germany. After the show, I went to visit two other potential customers that I had confirmed before. Originally there was no plan to visit the customers who purchased the radial spherical roller bearing.

The reason is that this customer has been followed up by the foreign trade manager who has now resigned. Every year, there are only tens of thousands of dollars of radial spherical roller bearing orders. The purchase volume is not a customer of our company's customers.

I have always disliked taking over the old customers of the company. Because the company will think that doing well is what you should do, and the part of the commission can only be part of the growth of orders for radial spherical roller bearing.radial spherical roller bearing

If you don't do well or lose your customers, then the problem is big. Although reluctant, since the company has already arranged it, it is still barely maintained and will not spend too much energy.

I have to say that the German customer is still very Nice. I feel that the temporary past is not very polite, the purchasing manager still took me to their factory and met the engineers responsible for this product. The engineers introduced their products in great detail like me.

For example, how our radial spherical roller bearing is installed in their equipment, and how our radial spherical roller bearing will affect their product performance, tells a lot of technical information.

For me who graduated from a sports academy, the original English is not a trick, and it is strange to understand the technical problems he said. In the process of taking me to the factory, I noticed a detail.

The LED display at the end of their automated assembly line shows the amount of each of the three different products they complete each day and the total amount of one month.roller bearing

According to the engineer who just showed me the internal structure of their products, I saw that they need to use our six kinds of radial spherical roller bearing in one product.

I probably measured it. The customer used six kinds of radial spherical roller bearing for a product. They have 3 different products.

18 radial spherical roller bearing x LED screens showing the number of months x 12 months x product price. Pressed on the calculator! I saw millions of dollars in orders from the LED display! This won't be true, how is this possible?

With curiosity and doubts, when the trip ended, I returned to the factory and inquired about it. Only then did I find that this customer was really powerful. There were three factories in different countries in Europe, and it was a listed company.

I also read the introduction of the technical column of their website. Although the technology does not understand, there are many industry standards on the company. And the drafters of many industry standards turned out to be my male engineer who was 50 years old and fluttering. It took a few days to carefully review their financial statements and come to a conclusion: If I guessed it, the budget they spend on purchasing our radial spherical roller bearing should be $4 million a year. - about $5 million! I am excited!radial spherical roller bearing

Through the analysis of customer demand, I know that their annual demand is very large, and the profit we supply to them can be said to be very, very good. About 35%-40%.

The question I am thinking about is that I have to do something to increase the amount of radial spherical roller bearing for customer purchases we make here. The goal I set at the time was to buy at least $500,000. 10% requirements are not excessive.

The problems I needed to solve at the time were the following:1. In the end, which competitor is supplying customers? How many radial spherical roller bearing are they supplied separately? 2. The customer demand is very large, but why are we supplying so little? why? 3. How can I get a little more purchase share?

In the end who is supplying this question, it took me about 8 months to get the answer. The answer to how to get it will be said later, how much this problem has been supplied has not been known until now. For the customer's radial spherical roller bearing demand is very large, why buy the radial spherical roller bearing from us so little, my analysis at the time is that the customer's trust value to us is too low, a series of mistrust of the factory production capacity .

We can only do so many years the lowest level of a spare tire: each year to a small amount of radial spherical roller bearing orders as a safety backup to prevent a front or two or three major problems when there is a remedy can improvise.spherical roller bearing

The answer to the third question comes from the analysis of the second question: the customer still trusts us, but it seems that the trust value is too low. So what I need to do is to increase the customer's trust in us.

Not only trust in the factory's production capacity, supply capacity, quality control ability, but also trust in me.

After another two months of communication, in January 2019, I suddenly received an inquiry about the radial spherical roller bearing from the person in charge of purchasing. I was shocked by the the quantity inquiries for radial spherical roller bearing.

I calculated it, but I didn't expect it to be "quantity". The offer comes down to nearly 200W dollars!
We must know that even the boss who has worked in our industry for decades has never seen this big inquiry. It took several days to calculate the quotation of the radial spherical roller bearing.

After the quotation of the radial spherical roller bearing was sent, waiting for the biggest pain of the foreign trade clerk, I was waiting for the feedback of the purchaser's quotation of the radial spherical roller bearing.

In the end, before the Spring Festival, I received a message of 5% reduction for each radial spherical roller bearing he requested. He was excited to jump.

I am afraid that he will not let me cut the price, because letting the price cut prove that our offer is roughly recognized, I also changed to his position to think that asking for lower prices for radial spherical roller bearing is a job he must do, and he must "struggle" one. Fan.

But I am still more vigilant. I have always reminded myself not to make mistakes at this critical point, report the customer's counter-offer to the boss, and the boss agrees to a 5% reduction.

I have been discussing with the boss for a long time, my opinion is to cut the price, but we can propose to increase the purchase amount of some radial spherical roller bearing, we will cut the price.roller bearing

I have prepared the documents in advance, including: detailed calculation plan of our radial spherical roller bearing quotation; raw material price chart in recent years; material quotation price and exchange rate of current quotation; other 2 qualified rates of products Documentary proof
Let him know that our offer is indeed a very detailed calculation.

When hope is overdone, it will become a desire. This desire will cause your IQ to drop rapidly and cause endocrine disorders. After the price reduction plan mail was sent, it entered the longest waiting period.

Waiting for the Spring Festival, and checking the numerous mailboxes every day during the period... Waiting is the biggest pain for foreign trade salesmen. After the end of February, there is still no news for radial spherical roller bearing... I will email the price of the previous radial spherical roller bearing, but I have not responded! Ask the engineer, no reply!

March is coming to an end, facing unprecedented pressure! First, other people from the company, the most important thing is from themselves. It is not an exaggeration to say that this pressure has been so much affected that even the urine and the stool have been affected. The pressure of radial spherical roller bearing is so big that I really start to doubt my life. I check the mailbox countless times every day. I even check it many times every weekend. There is only one thing that comes to mind in my mind before going to bed every day: Which part of the link is wrong?

Then, from the inquiry process of the radial spherical roller bearing, we began to reflect on the negotiation process, and we reunited ourselves every day. I am too self-righteous. At the beginning, I should have listened to the boss’s promise of a 5% price cut for radial spherical roller bearing. Everyone is happy!spherical roller bearing

The most uncomfortable thing about this kind of waiting is that you find that you can't do anything. I also thought about giving a letter to the customer, telling him not to increase the quantity of radial spherical roller bearings, and we agree to your price for radial spherical roller bearing cut.

Write the email well, delete it and delete it, and leave a little bit of reason to tell yourself. It is wrong to do this 100%, and it may destroy the trust that has been gradually established over the past two years. Fortunately, this is still there.

 Entering April, I continued to wait, 20:21:38 pm on April 8th, let me believe that the moment came, the customer came to the mail, after their discussion, agreed to our proposal to increase the quantity of radial spherical roller bearing then is reduced by 5% price for radial spherical roller bearing of the offer.

Ask me if he only increase the amount of one of the radial spherical roller bearings to 150,000. Is it acceptable? The total order price of such radial spherical roller bearing has increased by more than 200,000 US dollars!If I don't accept my head, I am really caught by the door! Nothing else, I have to accept it for the sake of smoothness. Haha.

On April 9th, the customer's order for radial spherical roller bearing came down! And the radial spherical roller bearing payment is fully paid.

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