My favorite trading company has purchased our own brand of radial thrust bearing.

210 Published by admin Nov 08,2018

In 15 years, I met a trading company that made me headache.I still remember that that year, the trading company sent about 24 questions about the radial thrust bearing to our factory, which led me to report to their home for almost a whole year.

Here I want to vomit, the trading company's radial thrust bearing inquiry is often very troublesome, often send an email telling you:

We have an inquiry about the radial thrust bearing, and then the request for them is as follows, please push us the appropriate model.

Then we need to report the specifications of the radial thrust bearing to the trading company, and also fill in a series of forms according to his requirements.roller thrust bearing factory

After reporting the specifications of the radial thrust bearing to him, he will also give you a lot of information, for example, what chemical tests are required for this product, and then what functional tests are required. In short, all the standards are listed. Clearly clear.

In addition, if we receive an order from a customer-super-customer, the process is even more cumbersome:

The trading company will ask us to send a sample of the radial thrust bearing in the past after the previous inquiry.

After the sample is passed inside the trading company, it will be sent to the buyer's designated laboratory for a product score.

If a model's radial thrust bearing score is not high, the trader will let us constantly rectify the radial thrust bearing, and this process is quite time consuming.roller thrust bearing manufacturer

After the product is confirmed, he will send a special engineer to check the samples of our bearing from all aspects.

After checking OK, we can send samples again.

When placing an order, the trader will also ask us to try it first. For example, his order is 50,000 pieces of radial thrust bearing, he will let us try to produce 500 pieces.

After that, he will arrange his own QC to check the goods. After the inspection, the customer will arrange for the third party to come over and check the goods.

After the inspection is passed, we can batch-produce orders for large quantities.

Fortunately, our radial thrust bearing passed the inspection of the trading company and purchased them

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