The right direction is finally seeing the dawn: the development of the customer finally purchased abec 5 bearing

211 Published by Nov 12,2018

On May 26, I used Google to search for a US target customer. At that time, I used my three-legged cat to work hard and searched the mailbox. I thought of a short development letter to the boss of the company. Fortunately, I received a reply from the sales manager the next day. The boss transferred my email to her. Unfortunately, after asking me about the catalog of abec 5 bearing, she did not show much interest.

On May 30, after we met for a few days, after a few words, she "disappeared."

In June, I sent three emails to her, and there was no response.

In July, I sent a letter and still did not respond.

In August, it was still a past, and it was a seaabec 5 bearing manufacturer

In fact, every email has never been a greeting, but a change in the sharing of different patterns: abec 5 bearing industry dynamics, abec 5 bearing product catalog, popular recommendations, company introduction...

Unfortunately, it feels like an air conversation.

I have called twice and I have just left a message.

In September, two emails.

In October, there are still two.

For five months, there was no progress, and it was still a little lost. But the customer is very good, my desire to win the customer is too strong, so although I have not harvested it, I still insist.abec 5 bearing factory

In November, I sent three emails. In the third email sent at the end of the month, I recommended the abec 5 bearing quotation. After a few days, the guest returned a sentence: Thanks!

It’s not warm, maybe it’s just a sympathy for the harassment I’ve been doing. But for me, like a match in the ice and snow, it is very warm. I always thought that as long as the other party did not explicitly refuse, I would like to spend a few words for me, I still have a chance.

In December, I continued to communicate "unique" emails from time to time.

On December 24th, on the day of Christmas Eve, guests requested samples of abec 5 bearing!

There are a total of 18 abec 5 bearing samples. I sent the sample image of the abec 5 bearing and the weight of the package to the guest, and asked her to pay the account again.abec 5 bearing supplier

In fact, when the guests requested to play the board, I explained that the samples of abec 5 bearing were provided free of charge, they paid for the freight, and asked her to inform the express account. However, the guests did not respond clearly.

My idea at the time was that although the guests were not sure, they still arranged samples of abec 5 bearing and waited for the guests. Even if the last guest refuses to pay the freight, I am willing to take the freight in order to win the opportunity. So since I can accept that the customer may refuse to pay the shipping fee, then at this moment, don't endlessly linger with the guests at this point.

After learning that the sample of abec 5 bearing is completed, please help me check the shipping cost of EMS and DHL. It is cheaper for EMS, but it takes a long time to transport and the freight is prepaid. When I chose EMS, I sent Debit Note, asked her to pay, and wanted to try her response.

The guest replied that in the first order of abec 5 bearing, I said it was good, I paid for the freight, and sent a sample of abec 5 abec 5 bearing

On January 27th, I found that the guest received a sample of abec 5 bearing and sent an email to inform the guest. If you have any samples of abec 5 bearing, please feel free to contact us.

A few days later, the guest said that the sample of abec 5 bearing was very good.

Until April 9th, I finally received the customer's order of abec 5 bearing, and I was so happy that I could open it and it was disappointing.

First of all, the number of guests abec 5 bearing is only one quarter of my US MOQ, and the required payment method is T/T 60days. Although I clearly stated MOQ and payment terms on the quotation, the guest seems to ignore it.

On the one hand, I communicated with the factory to determine whether the factory was willing to accept the order of abec 5 bearing, and on the other hand contacted ECIC (Hong Kong ECIC) to make a buyer credit evaluation.

After counting, the negotiations began.

I replied to the payment method of our T/T with 30% deposit, balance against the copy of B/L, and asked the customer to increase the number of orders abec 5 bearing. supply abec 5 bearing

The guest refunded the payment method to T/T 30days, but the number of abec 5 bearings did not increase.

I explained to the guests that the number of abec 5 bearings was less disguised and increased the cost, but in order to show sincerity and establish cooperation, I accepted the number of their abec 5 bearing, the price of abec 5 bearing unchanged, and the payment method was T/T with 30%. Deposit, balance against the copy of B/L

In this way, the guest accepted our payment method from the initial T/T 60days to T/T with 30% deposit, balance against the copy of B/L

Or I have retired too much, maybe I can actually get more in the negotiations, so this communication, I may not do the best. But after nearly a year of hard work, I finally became the guest's vendor.

From April, the customer confirmed the first order for abec 5 bearing, and today, in the past two months, the customer has placed three orders for abec 5 bearing. Although the number of abec 5 bearing is not much, one of the abec 5 bearing orders is to send me a copy of the set of products from other suppliers.

If you need any brand bearings or any models of bearings, please contact me!

Contact: Grace
MP/Whatsapp: +8618668903871

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