30W order of rc ceramic bearings speed travel, foreign trade orders should not have a skeptical attitude

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Some enquiries are indeed wonderful, even if they seem to be fake, but this kind of thing happens every moment. Record a very short speedy order tour. One day last year, I received an inquiry from a Thai customer about rc ceramic bearings.

The first reaction I saw was that we couldn't do it. It was rc ceramic bearings.
It is very small, and the customer's requirements for rc ceramic bearings are very strict. In addition, when I saw such an inquiry, I found that I had sent the same content to 20 suppliers, and I was willing to throw it out at the beginning. He would provide us with a FedEx account, which seems to be collecting samples of rc ceramic bearings. Seeing that many people here don't believe it, how much money an order customer gives to 20 accounts to pay the account, count 200 pieces, that is 4000 pieces, this will receive the sample of rc ceramic bearings, but also hit Samples of rc ceramic bearings are sent to customers for samples of rc ceramic bearings. One order is that the courier customer spends tens of thousands, so I think this is a fake, why he spends so much not directly at the show. Many people also saw that my previous article said that I spent tens of thousands of samples and it was fake. rc ceramic bearings

What big winds have not seen, although this person may first collect samples of rc ceramic bearings, and then may send the selected rc ceramic bearings to other suppliers, but since the customer provides the account, why not try it? So I went back. According to his description, I seriously recommended him several rc ceramic bearings. As a result, the customer sent his request directly, I recommend it to his rc ceramic bearings. The accumulation of experience is very important. The salesperson who will actively recommend is a good salesman. It is not that the products that the customer wants are exactly matched with your products before they can be sold to them. This requires a lot of enquiries (see signature) and is correct. The accumulation of accumulation methods. Often recommended by the initiative to sell, sell the price. The recommendation was very accurate. After that, he gave me the address. My reply is very simple. I will collect some and send to you.

After half an hour, he replied to me I've already inform the FedEx office to pick-up the sample from you.You can have up to 1KG for my package.If you have more, just send to me can send him 1 The kilogram is heavy, and if you are heavier, you can send it directly to him. I saw that there are some friends here and I feel fake. How can I play this? Usually, many foreign trade partners are still red-faced for a courier, but now there are customers who say that I can send samples of rc ceramic bearings. It’s okay to weigh more than 1 kilogram.ceramic bearing

So it is very strange, my colleagues often pick up a few hundred dollars, thousands of dollars in orders, and I have not done more than 10,000 dollars, this is probably the law of attraction, what kind of person you can attract What kind of person, the boss is attracted to the boss, and what attracts is the embarrassment. Because of what? Big customers come, you don't believe it! Moreover, big customers are too lazy to do business with people who are staring at trivial matters, and communicate less than one. For example, there are still people who have a bank transfer fee of $70,000 to $80,000. After deducting 40 dollars, he has to ask the customer. I don't know what to say. It is estimated that his customer is also speechless.

When I got off work in the afternoon, FedEx called and confirmed with me, checked the information, said the information is correct, and I will take it tomorrow. After that, the customer sent out that his control no error, and corrected it. After half an hour, FedEx gave me a call.full ceramic bearing

After the process was very simple, everyone saw no, there was not much nonsense after sending samples of rc ceramic bearings. Too few people were so suffocated, sent a message of rc ceramic bearings and sent a message every other day, did not return, continue to send. To do foreign trade, we must master the rhythm, not too much nonsense. Businessmen are paying attention to interests, poor people like to chat, time is very precious, no rich people are willing to chat.

Here, when everything was done, I sent him a message to let him add my whatsapp and Wechat.

Later, this customer added my whatsapp, still the same, I did not talk nonsense with him, waiting for his news, of course, I followed up half a month, asked him about the progress, that time did not recommend new products, avoid Indiscriminately recommended, the samples of rc ceramic bearings were sent, and a new customer was recommended. I don't know what to buy. Don't recommend new products after the show. Some of the original showrooms have already decided on good rc ceramic bearings. When you recommend, customers don't know what to buy.

About a few weeks later, the customer sent me a message saying that his buyer was selected and asked me to quote him. Give him the price, this guy actually cut the price slightly and accepted it, then placed the order, a total of 30W rc ceramic bearings orders a small cabinet. The order-taking process is inexplicably contrary to common sense. The customer does not ask for the price first, but first requests the sample of rc ceramic bearings, and does not directly pick the sample of rc ceramic bearings at the exhibition, but chooses the way of the network. After talking to him, he said that not only did we choose our rc ceramic bearings, but also several other, our rc ceramic bearings are very suitable, so we placed the order directly.

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