Within 10 days, the customer decided to purchase our round flange bearing

126 Published by admin Jul 22,2019

On Wednesday, September 12, the inquiry was received and the customer needed to purchase a batch of round flange bearings. Ask me if I can follow his request. Round flange bearing is our regular product. However, since the guests have sold these round flange bearings for a few years, all the details, from the size to the size, must be the same as the screws. One-to-two check, size, weight, packaging, etc. Five days, countless round flange bearing pictures, countless mail. After everything is ok, the guests said that the three round flange bearings can be placed without problems. Sorry to the guests, ask you so many details, take up so much time. I welcome it, let him not mind. The first time I figured it out, it will be convenient to cooperate in the future.round flange bearing

Then another round flange bearing was sent in three styles. Ask me if I have done it. I didn't produce the round flange bearing myself, but I have been buying it for other customers. So I told the guests that I could help him. Repeat the previous work again and check all the details one by one. Because the previous communication made clear the customer's request, this time is faster. All the checks were completed in two days. This is the 19th. The 20th guest sent a PO to make a contract for the round flange bearing. Ask if you can deliver in mid-October. Everything was settled, and the 21st contract was completed. The guest immediately settled the deposit.flange bearing

The round flange bearing on October 17 were completed as scheduled. I arranged the pictures of the round flange bearing to be sent to the guests one by one. All the key sizes, accessories details, and packaging were photographed one by one. Very satisfied after the reception. The tail of the round flange bearing was arranged immediately. Expressed very satisfied with our service. Now the round flange bearing is waiting for his other suppliers to match the goods.

Recall this single, the reason for success, in addition to the familiarity of the round flange bearing, professional. Carefulness and patience are also indispensable for successful orders. Guest mail is sometimes during the day and sometimes at night. Generally I have done it within half an hour of receipt. If there is something at the time, I can't reply, I will reply to the reason and when I can reply. The guest must be 2 hours earlier than our time. I received his email in the evening, indicating that the guest worked late. I value this list very much. So I also give considerable attention. Only in this way can customers be satisfied with our services. Then choose to work with me.

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