The biggest single in my foreign trade career – America customers buy bearings of sealmaster bearings catalog

332 Published by admin Aug 14,2018

Speaking of the biggest one I have ever published, that is, the list of American customers, it is also the first single I came to the new company! At that time, because of the change of the new company, many sealmaster bearings catalog must first understand, it is to learn while developing customers! Because I don't like to ask others at the beginning, I will first explore and explore. If I encounter a problem that is really difficult to understand, I will directly ask my colleagues and our leaders. Fortunately, our colleagues and leaders are very friendly. The problem is digested like that. In the first few months of entering the company, several sample lists were released. By the fourth month, my big single customer came. He came to China and wanted to visit our factory. At that time, I was there. I feel that since the customer is so sincere, we will actively receive it. I was a day early back to the factory, then our leaders converge, driving to pick up this client, they are two people, one technician, one is I have this client, because they come from other factories, so we took The customer took it directly to our factory. At that time, it was still early spring. The weather was still a little cold. The customer was a single coat plus a coat. They were Indians. They were black in color, but they all had big eyes and high nose. Very handsome! Along the way, I briefly explained the company's situation, because the road is not very far, and soon we arrived at our factory, they will visit our factory in a step-by-step manner. Because before we came, we didn't talk much about the price of the sealmaster bearings catalog, so they came to see our factory intuitively after they came. They definitely did their best for the quality and process of the sealmaster bearings catalog. There are always a few. So: What you see is real. I don't introduce a lot at the side, unless they have a problem, I will answer.sealmaster bearings catalog

I took them to visit the circle factory basically. They saw our machines and used machines to test the semi-finished products. Basically, their expressions were quite satisfactory. Finally, we talked about the price of the sealmaster bearings catalog. We only cut into the price of the sealmaster bearings catalog in our office. Because before, the price of their sealmaster bearings catalog was slightly different from our price. Now they have visited the factory and have a deep understanding of the strength of our factory and the quality of the sealmaster bearings catalog. Finally, we have a pen and paper. In the negotiations, the price of the sealmaster bearings catalogue and the payment method of the sealmaster bearings catalog were negotiated. Soon the list was finalized.sealmaster bearings catalog in China

After experiencing this order, the customer quickly placed a deposit for the sealmaster bearings catalog. Later, we were actively stocking. Later, because of the time, the packaging was a bit simpler, but the customer also understood that there was no objection. Later, the customer received To the sealmaster bearings catalog, they are still recognized for quality! Now this customer is still working with us, I hope that our cooperation will last longer and last longer!

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