How much do you know about seals and bearings?

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1. Seals and bearings
In recent years, bearings are equipped with sealing devices. In the past, the bearings were all open. In order to ensure the lubrication and dustproof of the bearing, a sealing device is installed on the shaft at both ends of the bearing. With the development of industry, especially the food industry, and the popularization of modern office machinery and home appliances, it is required that the equipment should be compact in design, reduce weight, and prevent four-rolled non-contact sealed water leakage and air leakage bearings. This means that the bearing itself has a seal.

The common ones are rubber or engineering plastic sealing rings, and steel stamping seals and bearings rings (or dust caps). The sealing structure of the sealing ring is various, and the sealing effect is also different. If there is a gap between the seal ring and the shaft, it is called a non-contact seal. The smaller the gap, the better the sealing effect, but the lower the rotational speed of the shaft is allowed; and vice versa. There is no gap between the sealing ring and the rotating shaft, which is called a contact seal. The larger the contact area of the sealing ring's contact lip, the better the sealing effect, but the lower the shaft speed, the opposite is true.seals and bearings

2. the expression method of seals and bearings
Dustproof is represented by Z, seal is represented by S (felt ring seal is represented by FS; rubber seal is represented by LS).

1. Dust cover

ZZ: retaining ring type steel plate seals and bearings dust cover, used for miniature bearings, the stamped metal steel plate is fixed on the outer ring with a spring tight ring.

2. Sealing ring

2RS: Contact rubber bearing sealing ring, which can effectively prevent the intrusion of foreign matter. The rubber sealing ring is embedded in the outer ring of the bearing, and the sealing ring is in slight contact with the inner ring.

Depending on the specific environment in which the bearings and seals are used, the materials used for the shields and seals are also different.

Corresponding sealing devices are installed at both ends of the rolling bearing. With a dust cover and with a sealing ring, the two performances are different, one is dustproof and the other is sealing. Sealing is to keep the grease (oil) inside the bearing from losing during use, and the dirty grease outside is not easy to flow in, so as to ensure that the bearing is in a lubricated state; dustproof is to protect the outside of the bearing from dust or harmful gas entering the bearing cavity to prevent Bearing damage.

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