Cambodia customer finally agreed to pay the silicon carbide bearings courier

261 Published by admin Sep 19,2018

On September 14th, the customer added my WeChat, and after the agreement, the customer sent me a Hello. At that time, the customer’s avatar was quite like the Chinese, and he gave him a Hi. I didn’t expect the customer to ask me if we were There is a bearing factory. At that time, I thought that this customer must be someone from other companies to explore the price of our bearings. I was not too busy at the time, just talk to him.

I asked him if he needed a bearing. The customer actually said that he needed it, and then the customer actually asked my company's name. This is why this is not a fake customer. The customer wants us to make silicon carbide bearings for him, but to use the customer's own brand.silicon carbide bearings manufacturer

After telling the customer that we can, the customer sent several models. After the customer was quoted, the customer said that the price of silicon carbide bearings was higher than the price given to him by other companies. I don't think there is any drama here. Then I asked the customer if there was any target price for the silicon carbide bearings. The customer even sent me the price of the silicon carbide bearings that other companies gave him.

So the price of the silicon carbide bearings that the customer sent to me was sent to the factory. They told me that the good quality price that the customer sent me was made of cheap carbon carbide bearings. The price of the poor quality is the old silicon. Carbide bearings refurbished.

After the factory told me the situation, after feedback to the customer, the customer even asked me if I could provide samples of several silicon carbide bearings. After checking the courier fee for the customer, the customer actually said that after we cooperate, he will pay the sample fee and express of silicon carbide bearings. Fees, and also said that the sample fee can be undertaken by our company; later applied to the customer, we can provide customers with four silicon carbide bearings for free, after telling the customer, the customer will let us express the courier fee can not go to Cambodia Re-payment, I asked, can't; quickly ask the customer if there is a DHL or TNT payment account, the customer said no. I don't know why customers are not willing to pay the courier fee to us.I thought, since even this courier fee is not willing to pay, it must not be a big boss. So I didn’t take care of this customer.silicon carbide bearings factory

Unexpectedly, the customer came to me on Monday and asked us to send him a sample of silicon carbide bearings. I told the customer that we can send you a sample of silicon carbide bearings when you pay the courier fee. The customer still wants to express the courier. To pay. So I started to play emotional cards with customers, most of the customer samples are not free, but we have provided you with free samples of silicon carbide bearings this time. Then the customer sent me a contact information for the freight forwarding, saying that he can support the courier to pay, I asked it a bit cheaper.

But we don't support pick-ups. We need to send samples to Guangzhou. This road has to generate courier fees. We talked to customers, customers are not willing to pay, and said that he has cooperated with three companies, these three The company will provide him with it. I wonder why you are no longer looking for the cooperation of the three companies? In addition to playing with the customer's emotional card, the customer finally agreed to pay the domestic courier fee of silicon carbide bearings, and also paid a few more dollars.

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