Skateboard bearings brands bearing clean

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There are too many skateboard bearings brands now, many skateboard bearings brands bearing different brands, but the same thing.It's like the board.
Many skateboard bearings brands claim that their bearings are made in Switzerland, but only Bones Swiss is made in Switzerland, there may be other brands of factories in Switzerland, but the factory of Bones is only authorized by his one brand, you can buy the bearing in Switzerland, but the quality can not guarantee the quality of the factory and Bones.There are also a lot of bearings made in China. They also put up a sign saying they are made in Switzerland.

preicsion skateboard bearings brands
Skateboard bearings brands bearing clean:
Skateboard bearing cleaning is very simple, the bearing from the plate down, with paper towels on the bearing oil, stains rub off, the inner wall of the wheel is also rubbed off, about the front and back of the wheel will be good for the smooth bearing.It should be cleaned about once a week. The high temperature generated by the rotation of the bearing when the plate is used will make the glue of the wheel and the bearing wall close to each other, which will make it inconvenient to change the wheel or the bearing. Therefore, the bearing should be removed from the wheel and mounted frequently.

skateboard bearings brands
Skateboard bearings brands grease:
Remember to put oil after cleaning the skateboard bearings brands bearings, a wide range of oil, the oil can, but someone said that the buy back the bearing first bubble in the gasoline for a week, so that quite a waste of gasoline, buy back, to clean the oil in a week after it doesn't matter, just bought back the bearing lubricating oil, is stored in order to prevent rusty oil bearing, when using plate can send oil bearing.
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