A photo of a few skateboard roller bearings in my foreign trade, let the order come back to life.

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This customer was taken from the show a few months ago, when he gave the offer for skateboard roller bearings at the show. Fortunately, I prepared a method for calculating the cost in advance. On the spot, I calculated the weight and price of the skateboard roller bearings. He felt similar and interested, but he said that the price of the skateboard roller bearings was slightly higher, and he took I came out with a contract that I just signed online with other suppliers, and said that if you can do the price of this skateboard roller bearings, he can consider working with us. So the calculation is made, the price of the skateboard roller bearings can be done, and the price of the skateboard roller bearings that promised him under the condition of 30% deposit is proposed. Later, he returned to the hotel and sent him a PI, but within two or three days, he still did not put the deposit on our company account. Not enough. After I returned to China, I followed it. He agreed quickly, and signed the PI. Then I quickly sent the water bill.

Who would have thought that when it was shipped, it was found that the goods could not be loaded at all, and it was no problem to consider when considering the price, but it was indeed impossible to install. At that time, when I thought about safe collection of foreign exchange, I did not tell the customer to pick up the goods. After the customer received the skateboard roller bearings, I also sent an email saying that the quantity was not correct. Three options are given, either to reissue the remaining skateboard roller bearings, or to refund the deposit, or to make a partial shipment, and the rest of the cabinet is sent back.bearings

The two options of reissuing the surplus and refunding the deposit will definitely make us lose this customer. According to his memory at the exhibition and the tone of the mail, the customer should have such a demand, so the company decided to give him another part to make a cabinet delivery.
However, there is still a problem, that is, the amount of packing. The customer said that one of his local competitors can hold 2000, but our cabinet only has 1200, I am still not sure, let him send a few photos to see. Discussing with the customer to use the tray packaging, we first make the tray and try to pack the rest. At the same time, the customer sent the mail, saying that I sent someone to see the competitor's goods. It happened to have the cabinet to the warehouse, saying that it was packed in a tray. How many or how many trays there are.

Therefore, according to the results of our experiments and the quantity provided by our customers, we are indeed able to pretend. So he arranged for him to make another cabinet. I made a new PI and tried to get him to pay another 30% deposit, but the customer did not agree. Since the previous amount of the goods was almost equal to 30% of the deposit, we did not insist on depositing, but we still strive for For a price, the price of the skateboard roller bearings was increased.skateboard roller bearings

After the skateboard roller bearings were finished, the shipment was arranged last week. I thought that this batch of skateboard roller bearings was finished, and the customer estimated that it would not be needed anymore.

Before the delivery, I took a few photos of the trays. A few days after the customer received the photo, it said that it looked good. I decided to order another cabinet. The price and deposit of the skateboard roller bearings were executed according to the second PI. I really didn't think that the customer actually took the initiative to return the order for skateboard roller bearings.

On December 2nd, Monday, I received the deposit of skateboard roller bearings and the order was arranged.

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