What is small needle bearings installation precautions?

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Small needle bearings installation precautions:
The bearing capacity of needle bearings is large, which is suitable for mounting the bearing structure with limited size. The journal surface is hardened as the rolling surface, and the bearing is loaded into the seat hole with press-fit, without the need of axial positioning.In general,BK type bearing is not required to be lubricated after assembly. It is used in the bearing without protruding end of shaft neck. The end face is closed to seal the bearing and can withstand small axial movement.

china small needle bearings
Small needle bearings damage reason
Generally speaking, 33.3% of needle bearings are damaged due to fatigue damage, 33.3% due to poor lubrication, and 33.3% due to contaminants entering the bearing or improper disposal of equipment.
Clean bearings and the surrounding environment, invisible to the naked eye fine dust is a powerful killer of bearings, it can increase the bearing wear, vibration and noise.
In the use of equipment to form a strong stamping, it is very likely to cause small needle bearings damage or the use of hammer directly hit the bearing, through the roller body transfer pressure.

china small needle bearings
Impact of non-professional tool installation
The use of appropriate, accurate equipment to use special things as far as possible, you can try to avoid the use of cloth and staple fiber and so on.Whether the small needle bearings is tested in the laboratory or used in practice, it can be clearly seen that under the same operating conditions, the appearance of the same needle roller bearing, its actual life is very different.
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