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Installation method of SNL 3134 split pillow block bearing

29 Published by admin May 29,2024

The upper cover and base of SNL 3134 split pillow block bearing can be separated, mainly bearing radial loads, suitable for self-aligning roller bearings and self-aligning ball bearings with cylindrical and tapered holes.

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SNL series split pillow block bearing is the most common installation component, with horizontally split product design. The cover and bottom can be separated, making it convenient for equipment installation, debugging, and maintenance. For demanding equipment, split bearing seats are also designed with two types of double screw holes and four screw hole seats. These components mainly bear the radial load directly borne by the inner base. Used on equipment with high requirements and requirements.
SNL 3134 split pillow block bearing can adapt to a wide range of shaft sizes and withstand high loads. The heavy-duty bearing seat adopts gray cast iron as its standard configuration, providing greater flexibility in sealing and lubrication options (available with grease or oil). The applicable equipment includes belt processing equipment, fans and blowers in steel mills, woolen rolls and drying cylinders used in the papermaking industry, crushers, hammer crushers, and drying furnaces used in the ore processing industry.

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The SNL 3134 split pillow block bearing installation steps are as follows:
1. Preparation work: Ensure the cleanliness of the work area and prepare the necessary tools and components, SNL 3134 split pipe block bearing.
2. Dismantle the old SNL 3134 split pipe block bearing: According to the requirements of the equipment, dismantle the old bearings and bearing seats.
3. Prepare bearing seat: Clean the bearing seat base and seat holes, and check if the size and shape of the seat holes match the new SNL 3134 split pipe block bearing.
4. Installation of bearings: Place the inner and outer rings of the new SNL 3134 split pipe block bearing into the seat holes of the bearing seat. Ensure good fit between the bearing seat and the bearing.
5. Fixed bearing: Use appropriate methods (such as screws, sleeves, etc.) to fix the bearing in the seat hole to ensure its stability.
6. Adjusting bearings: Adjust the position and clearance of bearings according to equipment requirements to ensure normal operation and appropriate load distribution.
7. Install other components: Install other related components such as bearing covers, seals, etc. according to the requirements of the equipment.

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