A tortuous negotiation experience: US customer purchased split roller bearing

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This is a US customer I developed through the web. Later, I sent a development letter in the past, and the customer replied that I would send a sample of split roller bearing. I was still surprised at the time. I had to send a sample when I hadn't quoted it yet, so I asked him what kind of product he wanted, and told him the company address. After the email was sent for several days, he did not reply. At that time, he felt that this guest should not reply any more, and he did not care for him.

After a period of time, probably at the end of April 2015, it was just the time of the Canton Fair. The customer finally wrote me a reply letter asking me the booth number of the Canton Fair. I told him that the Canton Fair will not go to the exhibition, but it may October will pass. Then he asked me about the split roller bearing he wanted last time. Can he send a photo to him in the past and then quote of split roller bearing it to him. I naturally agrees. Soon, He sent a photo of the product and asked him for a quote. After the quotation, I said that he would send samples of split roller bearing, and I received the samples of split roller bearing a few days later.split roller bearing-2


Next, we will give the customer proofing. After the sample of split roller bearing is ready, I asked him how to express it to him. He also asked if the sample of split roller bearing delivery fee can be refunded, I told him that under normal circumstances, our company will provide proof to the guests free of charge, but the split roller bearing sample shipping costs  are borne by the customer. After that everything went smoothly, we sent the goods to the US after the samples of split roller bearing were ready. However, after receiving the sample, the customer found that the sample was damaged during transportation. The customer blamed me for telling me that the sample was not ready. I explained to him that it was damaged during the transportation process, and promised that the big goods would be done well. Finally, the customer placed the order without saying anything. The first order was not big, and the big goods had not yet come out. I took a photo and showed it to the customer. He was very satisfied and paid for it very quickly.

Soon after, the customer sent two sets of samples of split roller bearing, and the customer insisted on sending samples, let me arrange production according to the samples. I just think this guest is really strong.

During the proofing process, the customer requested several improvements to the sample of split roller bearing, and I also played several times with his request. After the sample of split roller bearing was completed, I met the Canton Fair in October last year. He asked me to bring the sample to the booth of the Canton Fair to confirm it. At the Canton Fair, I finally met him. He looks like a very smart businessman. When we met, we talked very happily, and he said that I will send samples to me after the Canton Fair, and promised to give me a lot of orders in the future. I was quite happy at the time.
After the meeting, I was sighed. If every guest is like this customer, the order and payment are decisive and decisive. How good! However, the progress of the next thing made me feel bored.

Subsequent orders were too late to make progress, and the original order that had no suspense was the first problem.

split roller bearing-3

At the Canton Fair in October 2015, after seeing this sample of split roller bearing, the customer asked me to make some adjustments and improvements.I naturally promised and re-sampled the customer's request shortly after the Canton Fair. I am afraid that the sample of split roller bearing will be damaged on the way, so I suggested to the customer that it is best to take a photo to confirm it, because the prototype of this sample of split roller bearing has been seen, and she also guarantees that the new sample of split roller bearing will be proofed according to his requirements, certainly not There will be problems. However, the customer insisted on delivering the new sample to him.

In desperation, I had to understand the specific courier fee. What I learned is that the courier fee for this sample of split roller bearing is more than $2,000. I hope that he will pay the courier fee before delivering the sample to him. Subsequently, the customer himself also learned about the freight paid for this sample, and the local express delivery company's offer is $5,000. At that time, the customer said that the local express delivery company in the United States was a "thief" and the charges were too high. I hope to use the agent of our company to take the prepaid express. I have no objection to this, but I still hope that he can arrange the freight first to give him a sample of the delivery. After all, the amount of freight involved is quite large.

A few days later, I have not seen the money, I sent him an email asking if his courier fee is arranged. Who knows the customer said: "Your PI of split roller bearing has been sent to me, I am your old customer, and also spend A lot of money is sent to you, don't be so stingy, don't waste your time, and send samples to me without delay."

I replied: "Although you are our old customer, our company stipulates that the freight is borne by the customer. We must pay first and we can send it."

The customer replied: "I will go to the remittance immediately. Don't delay it. Send the sample to me. Don't waste my time."

split roller bearing-4

In a few days, I saw that the freight was not recorded yet, so I sent an email asking if the customer arranged the remittance. Unexpectedly, he replied with anger: "No, thank you for your distrust of me. I will find other suppliers. They will know me better. They will cooperate very well. Please stop wasting time now.

I have no room for negotiation, and I have made my customers extremely angry. Maybe he really thinks that I don't trust him enough. After all, since it is an old customer, there should be no problem if the sample of split roller bearing is delivered before the freight is received. However, for me, if I agree that he will deliver samples without receiving the freight, he will also be at risk because the customer is just an "old customer" who has only worked on one order.

After a while, when I contacted the customer again, he seemed to have disappeared from the earth and never responded. I also called him many times and he didn't pick it up. At Christmas time, I also sent him a holiday blessing, but he still did not return. I am also very puzzled. "I think he may have found another supplier, but one thing I can't figure out. Since he has already spent so much money sending samples of split roller bearing to me, it is reasonable to say that he should not ignore me. ”

However, I have not given up this customer, and will send a greeting email to the customer on important holidays in the West. Although the customer is still evaporating, I am still persistent.

"Maybe during the time when the customer disappeared, he did not find other suppliers, but waited for us to step back. If this is the case, there is only one problem, that is, he is not eager to place orders, but hopes to pass the cold. I thust reached the goal of letting me concede." I guess.

My guess is a fact. Because, after a short time, the transfer suddenly appeared.

It was the first day after work after the Spring Festival, and the client suddenly sent me an email with the subject ORDER of split roller bearing. "He said in the mail that he needs to confirm the order, see when we can send the sample to him. I still told him to pay the courier fee to express, how much does he ask? I reported the previous freight price to him. That is more than two thousand dollars. He said it is too expensive, or don't express it, just send the accessories to him."

I quickly delivered the parts in the past, and when the customer received the accessories, they quickly placed the order.

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