Some introduction for different bearing cage types

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There have many different kinds of bearing cage types,let us introduce them to you one by one:

Die cast cage bearing cage types:
The raw materials of die casting cage bearing cage types are aluminium alloy and brass. The raw materials ar liquefied and poured into the die casting mould of die casting machine.The casting gate is mounted on the shaper.The technological options of this aspect are:
(1) the direct die-casting molding of the retentive frame will get sensible geometric form and dimension exactness, while not mechanical process, and high production potency.
(2) once die-casting, the metal crystallization solidifies, the structure is precise, the surface quality is sweet and wear-resistant.
(3) high material utilization rate and low value.

bearing cage types-1
Die - casting aluminium alloy bearing cage types holder, needs giant tariff instrumentation, mould style and producingcomplicated, straightforward to take care of the frame hole once die - casting.Under the condition of bearing bearing subjected to shock, vibration and variable speed, it's necessary to additional improve the standard of die casting cage.

bearing cage types-02
Fuhaihe exactness plastic casting method producing retention frame
Puts the engineering plastics of the vacuum drying of granular material barrel, through the resistance wire heating soften into a liquid state, with the assistance of a plunger or mobile screw pressurizing, [*fr1] liquid raw materials from nozzle injection molding into forming mould, obtained once thermal insulation, cooling needed cage.His technological options are:
(1) it will get correct geometric form and dimension exactness, low surface roughness and high production potency while not mechanical process.
(2) easy mould and plastic casting, convenient bearing assembly and simpleto understand automatic management.
(3) the plastic holder has sensible performance resembling wear-resisting, anti-magnetic and low friction.
However, because of the defects resembling thermal deformation, aging and brittle cracking of plastics, further as some issues within the structure and injection method of the retention frame, the applying of the retention frame is restricted.

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