How to distinguish the quality of split spherical bearing?

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Split spherical bearing have different quality,to distinguish the quality of split spherical bearing, we usually from the following aspects:
Whether the outer packing is clear
split spherical bearing under normal circumstances, the brand of the regular manufacturers have their own special designers for the design of the outer packing, and arrange the production conditions clearance factory for production, therefore, the packaging of the product from the line to the color block should be very clear, unequivocally.

precision split spherical bearing
Whether the steel print on the split spherical bearing is clear
Each split spherical bearing will have its brand name, label and so on printed on the bearing product body.Although the font is very small, but the formal manufacturers of products are using the steel printing technology printing, and in the heat treatment before the pressure, so the font is small, but deep, very clear.And normally, the font of knockoff product not only obscure, because imprint character technology is coarse, font floats at the surface, some can be erased easily even with the hand perhaps manual mark is serious.

split spherical bearing
Is there any noise in split spherical bearing
The left hand holds the inner sleeve of the split spherical bearing, and the right hand rotates the jacket with small reciprocating motion to hear whether there is noise in the running process of the bearing.Due to the backward production conditions of most counterfeit products and the manual workshop operation, the bearing body will inevitably be mixed with dust, sand and other impurities in the production process, so there will be noise or operation is not smooth when the bearing rotates.This is the key to judging whether a product comes from a brand of a regular manufacturer with strict production standards and machine operation.
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