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stainless steel bearings producer–Jinan Maolei Bearing Co.,Ltd.

831 Published by admin Jul 20,2018

Jinan Maolei bearing's main stainless steel bearing,chrome steel bearing,ceramic bearing,high temperature bearing,plastic bearing and electrical insulation bearing,we are stainless steel bearings producer.

Compared with standard bearings,stainless steel bearings not solely have obvious blessings in material quality,however are a lot of strict in technology and exactness management than standard bearings.During the the operating method,the stainless steel bearing works stably,with low noise and corrosion resistance.

stainless steel bearings producers

The stainless steel bearings producer bearing will organize production and reach high strength and high exactness.Can be employed in general corrosion of many merchandise. 
AISI SUS440C chrome steel (domestic brands :9Cr18Mo, 9Cr18) is employed for bearing ring and rolling body materials when vacuum ending and tempering. AISI304 chrome steel is employed for the framework materials of the cage and waterproofing ring (domestic brands :0Cr18Ni9).Compared with the standard bearing steel, chrome steel bearing have stronger rust and corrosion.
Main applications: medical instrumentality, vasoconstrictor engineering, optical instruments, high speed machine tools, high speed motor, printing machinery, food process machinery.

ss bearings producer
Advantages of stainless steel bearings producer bearings:
1. glorious corrosion resistance: chrome steel bearing isn't straightforward to rust and has robust corrosion resistance.
2. Washable: chrome steel bearings may be washed down while not having to be re-lubricated to stop rust penalisation.
3. will run in liquid: bearing and bearing pedestal will run in liquid because of the materials used.
4. Slow drying rate :AISI 316 chrome steel, no oil or grease corrosion protection needed.Therefore, if the speed and cargo area unit low, no lubrication is needed.
5. Hygiene: chrome steel is of course clean while not corrosion.
6, high heat-resistant capacity: chrome steel bearing is provided with heatcompound cage or not in an exceedingly complete filling of the structure of the cage, you'll be able to run at higher temperature vary of one hundred eighty ° F to one thousand ° F.(with heat resistant grease).

If you need stainless steel bearings producer bearings or any models of bearings,please contact me!

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