Stainless steel thrust bearings will also rust?

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Will stainless steel thrust bearings rust?
Everyone will think that stainless steel thrust bearing will not rust, this view is not correct, if stainless steel thrust bearings are used improperly will also appear some small brown spots, namely rust, so how do we remove rust on stainless steel bearings?  
Some stainless steel thrust bearings due to improper storage will produce a small amount of rust spots, not serious can be directly wiped with dry clean cloth can be removed.  

stainless steel thrust bearings
Sweat will not stop secreting sweat on hands, and sweat contact with stainless steel thrust bearings will also have a chemical reaction rust stainless steel bearings, so usually contact stainless steel thrust bearings it is best to put on gloves or finger covers before operation, so as not to pollute stainless steel bearings caused by rust.  
There are some production environment is very bad, such as the need to operate underwater for a long time, or in the strong acid and alkali, dust, salt spray and other environment, this kind of stainless steel thrust bearings requirements are very high, the service life is short, a long time will rust.  

stainless steel thrust bearings
General cleaning stainless steel thrust bearing we have commonly used solvent cleaning, chemical cleaning and mechanical cleaning, cleaning must be according to the state of stainless steel rusty spot on the surface of the bearing and the conditions at that time, select the appropriate method, pay attention to cannot use the acid alkali chemical cleaning stainless steel bearing, so as not to cause damage to stainless steel bearing.  
If rust is serious, it is recommended to replace the new stainless steel bearing products, so as to avoid mechanical failure affecting production due to improper operation of bearings.  
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