Why within two days, the customer decided to purchase star linear bearings

258 Published by Jun 11,2019

It is also a coincidence to meet this customer. I always like to play with my own cats, dogs and dogs. I was accidentally scratched by a dog. I couldn’t sleep peacefully at bed at noon. I was thinking about where to go for a vaccine. At this time the phone rings and is a domestic trading company. The customer is very anxious to say, "Joyce my customer now needs some star linear bearings, the landline machine is not answered, the other phone is still no one to answer, finally found you, trouble you to report the price of star linear bearings and Weight."

I heard that the customer is so anxious, I know that the star linear bearings are very important to the customer. If the equipment is not working properly, the customer will not be anxious. So, I rushed to the office and immediately saw the star linear bearings and pictures from the customer. Confirm that the star linear bearings are indeed our model, confirm the stock, confirm the weight, and make a quote for star linear bearings. I finally got all these things in an hour. Is still a fast delivery to the customer, and the phone is informed by star linear linear bearings

The quotation and weight have been sent to the mailbox. I can feel that the customer is overjoyed. The customer and his end user confirmed the price and weight of the star linear bearings. No problem at all, and a smooth payment after one day. Currently preparing star linear bearings. In this way, the order for star linear bearings was fixed in two days.

A lot of people will think that you are just lucky. If I meet such an anxious customer, I can get it in two days. Indeed, luck is better, because this customer has found several people before, no one answered the phone, only I answered the phone, this is my luck.

Let me analyze the reason why I can deal with star linear bearings in two days.
First of all, the urgency of the customer, think of what the customer thinks. For this customer, without this star linear bearings, the equipment may not function properly. The large equipment is shut down every day and the consumption is very expensive. So definitely be the first time to solve problems for customers. I first helped the customer to make a quote for star linear bearings, weight, shipping time, delivery time and more. Many times to help customers solve the difficulties, then the next time the customer has problems will think of you.linear bearings
Second, accurately judge customer behavior. At the noon break, the customer called three different people to get the price and weight of the star linear bearings. Through this behavior, it is possible to accurately determine that the customer is very anxious to find the right person to help him solve the problem. So this time you have to seize this opportunity, otherwise the opportunity will be fleeting.

Third, the speed of response and service awareness. When I realized that the customer was in a hurry, I gave up the lunch break and rushed to the office in the first time. I rushed out of the quotation, weight, delivery date, transportation period, etc. of the star linear bearings required by the customer. thing. Because I know that if I don't help him get it all at once, it will take a lot of time to go back and forth several times. Therefore, the speed of the soldiers is so fast, how important this time is.

In this way, the order for star linear bearings was paid within two days, adding a touch of color to my September. Although the amount is not large, it is at a speed.

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