During the holidays, the customer repeatedly urged me to ask for the price of abec 7 longboard bearings.

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On February 9, 2016, on the second day of the year, a customer has been urging Daisy to report the price of abec 7 longboard bearings. Because it is the second day of the new year, Daisy still enjoys the freedom of the holiday. At this time, it is best to turn off the mobile phone. Drop the mail and turn off all work-related things. However, as a workaholic self, how can I let go of my work? I can only comfort my customers.
     Below is a conversation about the customer and me.
      Dear....Can I get price quote for this abec 7 longboard bearings...both sided?
      Sorry to late reply dear, we are holiday. Could you offer me more details about the abec 7 longboard bearings you need, ? I want to use the holiday scorpion to tell the delay time, and then let the customer feel that he cares about him.

      The customer gave me the details of the various abec 7 longboard bearings, then I confirmed, then I replied
      Ok, got it. but are you urgent need abec 7 longboard bearings, we are still holiday now. (The first thing I don’t want to work on holiday, the second is that a lot of information is on the computer, not with so much information to go home. The third home network is not too Ok, then I know soon as you can ,I hv is a city decoration for xx independence day. (The customer says there are more products that appeal to me). Ok, he succeeded.abec 7 longboard bearings

     Ok,great with thanks. pls send to my mail with all you need .
     Anyway, no hurry, after a day, the customer has not sent anything to my mailbox. Then I actually forgot about it.
     On the 10th, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the customer sent me a message. Let’s take a bunch of reminders. Then I replied. Sorry dear, I did not get any of your mail, maybe web problem. Let's talk a lot and continue to confirm the customer's details of abec 7 longboard bearings, indicating that I am paying for his order, in fact, I want to delay the time.
    Finally told him that I have to calculate the price of abec 7 longboard bearings, and then the price list of abec 7 longboard bearings will be sent to the customer. (Stabilize his emotions)
    At 8 o'clock on the 10th, he still did not get the price of abec 7 longboard bearings. He continued to rush, began to send a question mark, and continued to reply. Then he went on for a while and continued. He could only reply to him and said that he was having dinner, and then one day passed. (In fact, Daisy just wants to drag the time to the company and send him a quote for abec 7 longboard bearings. The computer didn't bring it)

abec 7 bearings
    On the 11th, the customer sent a rose expression and did not reply. Continue to send good day, then I still did not reply. (Also on holidays, play with friends and family.) No way, he rushed for the third time, Dear, I need the price of abec 7 longboard bearings quotes ASAP, Pls reply me if you Online. Ok, it’s time to tell him the truth. I know dear, Sorry. But we are holiday now all document in office. He is not dying. Oh... (as if he understood) When can I get the price of abec 7 longboard bearings quotes? How soon? and others gave offer already. (Customer said that someone else has given a quote for abec 7 longboard bearings, this Is to force me the rhythm)
     I can only reply, ok, I will try my best. I know others offer you price but factory close and let me check tomorrow if I can get the document. And tonight is too late, I am ready to sleep. I promise I will Offer your good price of abec 7 longboard bearings. Hang his appetite and let him continue to be patient.
    On the 12th/13th/14th, the customers sent an expression every day, saying good day every day. These days are busy to entertain relatives, almost forgot him, anyway, others also gave abec 7 longboard bearings The price is up, and he will give him the lowest abec 7 longboard bearings when he orders.
    I didn't expect the customer on the 15th to still give up on me, I am so happy. It may be the reason for the usual maintenance of the customer, so that the customer is very confident of me. At one o'clock in the afternoon, he said Hi, Dear, R U back to work? Let's say a bunch, because of the addition of new products, some things need me to follow up. Then tell him We still holiday, let's talk a lot of abec 7 longboard bearings expertise. (He should think that I am more professional than other suppliers at this time, oh) But in the end he still has no choice but to mark: ok ok then just let me know when I can get the price ,I need it ASAP.
     No. 16 arrived at the company, and the quotation of abec 7 longboard bearings was sent to the customer. After he saw it, he asked some places that he didn't understand. After careful explanation, the customer finally smiled happily. At this time, don't forget to call the customer in turn. When you need this abec 7 longboard bearings if every detials confirm? With this sentence, he will definitely tell you when to follow up with the customer.

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