How to win 10 cabinets within 3 months with single turn services of swivel bearing

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August is a busy month, but also a lucky and hard month. However, everything was basically settled. The three customers were finalized and they were still very excited.swivel bearing

After this period of time, I really felt that the guests were slowly working together and slowly cultivated.

In the early stages of development, what is unknown? What we can do is to follow up with our customers step by step in accordance with our own scope of work and our own development process to strive for the rate of closing orders.
This Dutch guest had previously worked with a cabinet of swivel bearing. Within 13 days of the first cabinet order, the guest sent me an email for the second cabinet order of swivel bearing.

At that time, when I saw this email, I was very excited. This is another sign that the order will be placed.
I had wanted to reply to the guests immediately. Later, I learned my previous lesson. Before I return to the guests email, I must calm down for 3 minutes and think about my thinking. I was also very thankful that I suppressed the excitement and did not respond blindly to the guests.

swivel bearing China munufacturer
The mailer mentioned that I told him before that our factory had some inventory, so he requested that this order must arrive in the Netherlands in 9 weeks.

But at that time, I reported that there was not so much inventory at the time. It was because I did not know if the customer would place an order of swivel bearing or not. It was estimated that the processing conditions of our factory would be estimated. The forth cabinet is still not available. For shipments, the guests requested that the order for the second cabinet be 9 weeks in Hong Kong. This is simply impossible.

Afterwards, I thought for a moment. It is now the time for foreign guests to procure, and I have mentioned with our guests before. Our products must be placed one month in advance so that we can guarantee good quality and then ship.
Then I responded to the guest and said that other inventories have been booked of swivel bearing , and there is no stock now. To replant, it takes 30-60days to deliver.

The guests seemed to be anxious. I called with whatsapp in the afternoon that afternoon and asked the specific situation. Since the signal was not good, I didn't hear what the guests said. Then I let the guests email me.

At the time, I was very nervous. I had been in touch with Dutch guests for the first time. He was still specializing in bearings for 30 years. I was just getting started. I was unable to extricate myself from the tension of answering the customer's phone call. The guest's mail was sent. I was shocked by the e-mails. I doubted me that I was the illegitimate daughter of the goddess of luck. She increased the orders of nine cabinets and was shocking enough.swivel bearing China suppliers

I really did not expect that guests would add orders for nine cabinets at once. Six months out of the plan ah.
At that time, I responded to the guest with a quick reply. Even if there is no way to immediately confirm it to the guest, I must reply to the guest with a thank you note. The main thing is to explain to the guest that he received an e-mail from us and we will probably take it completely. The information was sent to him to let the guests know.

And with so many counters, I have to consult with the factory. If there is no goods, I can't make them out. However, the communication with the factory was also hindered. The factory said that it can provide up to five cabinets. Afterwards, the price of cabinets will increase.

Later, I consulted directly with the supervisor and went to the boss. Fortunately, our boss looked far away and helped me convince the factory that the list of these 9 cabinets of swivel bearing could follow. Of course I was happy. Since the bosses had agreed, then I did PI according to the requirements of the guests, and quickly send back to the guests to sign:
In order to prevent guests from repenting, I quickly sent PI to the guests. After 5 days, after some delivery problems and several emails from the guests, the guests finally sent back the PI.

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