A stingy customer purchased more than 100,000 sets of large ball bearings at one time

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When the fate with this customer started from which year, he could not remember it. "I don't remember the year of the Canton Fair. A European customer took our catalog and left. Without exchanging business cards, I didn't understand his situation. I didn't even know anything about him until he contacted me again. At the time, my memory was only a vague impression.
In January 2013, I suddenly received an e-mail saying that I had taken our catalogue at the previous Canton Fair. I also attached a picture similar to the product we had previously exhibited at the exhibition and requested to follow the order. Quantity quotation. She explained to C-Weekly, "Customers who generally follow the order quantity quotation of  demand less quantity of large ball bearings .Together with the customer's questions and delivery dates, I feel that he is not a professional buyer. Although he emphasized in the e-mail that he did this, I analyzed that he needed a smaller quantity and quoted him for more expensive materials (stainless steel) of large ball bearings.
One week later, I received the e-mail of the customer again: Will I go to the Canton Fair again and hope to meet the product requirements at the Canton Fair.This request from the other party raised interest in me who did not care about the customer. According to the customer's request, I quickly proofed and sent it.In February 2013, the customer contacted me again: the end customer requested that the details of the product be modified, the sample be re-proofed, and the sample should be brought to the Canton Fair.

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Taking into account that the Canton Fair can meet and communicate with customers, I still choose to make good samples according to the customer's requirements.
After meeting at the Canton Fair, the customer proposed a third time proofing of large ball bearings. I didn't receive any money for the first two proofs, but I couldn't give him free proofs anymore and I made a payment. The customer wrote an e-mail specifically for this and asked if I would refund the sample fee after the order was placed. I told the customer ‘of course’.
In June 2013, I shot my sample. "The customer told me that he didn't pay the account number, he would call me the courier fee, and let us pay the courier company the courier fee. In fact, if you have a strong customer, you usually have to pay the account, that is, when I send it by the The party pays, or he ends up in the courier company, but he does not.
In July 2013, a customer reply email was received from the sample : “This order is promising. However, the end customer has changed the sample requirements. Please try another sample of large ball bearings.”
After the request for the fourth sample of large ball bearings, the customer delayed me for two months. The request showed that the material of the product was completely subverted and replaced with carbon steel that was much cheaper than stainless steel. Later, the customer sent a product photo and asked if I could do it. Because we have done a lot of similar products before, so I will send the latest photos and styles of the products that have been done to him, and quote according to the customer's order quantity.
In October 2013, the customer received the fourth sample I sent, but the customer is not satisfied with the product.
With this order for some time, four samples have been taken from January to September, but the customer has not yet placed an order. The material was reduced from expensive to cheap, but there was no significant change in the quantity. Each quotation was only reported at 500, 1,000. Slowly, he is becoming less and less interested in customers... I  wanted to give up, but I feeled a little reconciled. After all, I had always met the requirements of his customers and I had already given customers many samples.
By chance, I heard from customers sent by the customer that the customer wanted to give up, because the fourth sample of large ball bearings had some problems.
I have always communicated with the customer, so I quickly told the customer the reasons for the problem with the details of this sample, and promised the customer what improvements will be made when the bulk goods are made.
Again getting feedback from customers, it was already at the end of November 2013. The customer suddenly sent me an email: Please quote the best price, the number is probably 5000 or 10000. Because the quantity is not bad, I rushed to quote the customer. A few hours later, the customer responded to the e-mail: Please press 40,000 quotes of large ball bearings, each 20,000 .
However, customers find the price too expensive. In order not to lose the order, I ask the customer to ask the end customer's target price. But the end customer puts forward the price that we cannot do.
We can't do this with the customer and we can't do a further reduction in our quotation. Just one day after replying to the customer, I received an e-mail from the customer requesting an increase in the quantity, for a total of 20,000 for the A model and 60,000 for the B model.
Told customers that there is no way to lower prices is the lowest. Because at the end of the year, the Chinese people have to spend the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival will take a long time. If you do not order now, we will have no way to deliver goods before the Spring Festival.China manufacturer large ball bearings
Since then, I have been eagerly checking the e-mails every day, hoping to get a reply from the customer as soon as possible. But customers are still tangling the price issue. I ask the customer whether you have 90% certainty of this order? The customer said yes.The customer replied to me. I think I was very eye-catching. I dropped a little more towards his target price. The next day, the number of customer orders was changed to A 35,000, B 70,000, a total of 105,000.
I finally grasped the customer's psychology, he just wanted to press the price with me. But I've been pretty sure: With multiple discussions, our services, and the customer's impression, the customer will eventually choose me. And by the end of the year, other companies may not be able to accept such large orders. After Nancy analyzed, he decided to stick to the price.
On December 17, 2013, the customer told me that the end customer agreed and the order was taken.
We will begin to confirm the delivery date and payment method of large ball bearings. Because the amount of this bill is so large, I am very worried about the customer's request to do a letter of credit. If you do a letter of credit, you will also need to review the bill. If you wait for a response from the bank, it will be slower. So I purposely reminded him: ‘We’ve written on every quotation: The payment method is to pay 30% of the deposit, pay when the last payment is delivered. 'Unexpectedly, the customer came back to me with a ‘no problem’.

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