Taper bearing price have big difference

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Taper bearing price is an important factor affecting people's purchase of bearings.Some taper bearing price is more lower than market price,it attracted a lot of people to buy,but after use,people find that the quality of low taper bearing price product is very bad,then have to change to buy more better quality taper roller bearings.So we can not only pay attention to the taper bearing price, but also pay attention to the quality of taper roller bearings,quality of taper roller bearing is more important than taper bearing price.

taper bearing price
Tapered roller bearings mainly bear combined radial and axial loads. Bearing capacity depends on the raceway Angle of the outer ring, and the greater the Angle, the greater the bearing capacity.This kind of bearing belongs to the separation type bearing, which is divided into single row, double row and four row tapered roller bearings according to the number of rolling columns in the bearing.  Clearance of single row tapered roller bearings needs to be adjusted by users during installation; The clearance of double row and four row tapered roller bearings has been given according to customer's requirements when the products leave the factory, so it does not need to be adjusted by users.  

taper bearing price
How to assemble tapper roller bearings?
Adjust the axial clearance for the installation of tapered roller bearings, can be adjusted by adjusting nuts on the journal, adjusting gaskets and threads in the hole of the bearing seat, or by pre-tightening springs and other methods. 
For tapered roller bearings with high load and high speed, the influence of temperature rise on axial clearance must be considered when adjusting clearance, and the reduction of clearance caused by temperature rise should be estimated. In other words, the axial clearance should be appropriately adjusted to be larger.  
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