Do you know the material types of thrust bearing cage?

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Thrust bearing cage (also known as a bearing cage) is a bearing part that partially encloses or partially encloses a rolling body and moves with it to isolate the rolling body, usually guiding the rolling body and keeping it inside the bearing.

different thrust bearing cage
When thrust bearing working, the heat and wear of the bearing are caused by sliding friction. Especially under the condition of high temperature operation, the friction, wear and heat are aggravated by the effect of inertial centrifugal force. In serious cases, the thrust bearing cage will be burned or broken, resulting in the bearing can't work normally.Therefore, the thrust bearing cage material must have good thermal conductivity, small friction factor, good wear resistance, strong impact toughness, small density and linear expansion coefficient close to the rolling body in addition to a certain strength.In addition, the ramming cage needs to undergo more complex ramming deformation, and also requires the material to have good machining performance.Some of the most demanding cages have a silver coating on top.

thrust bearing cage
The material types of thrust bearing cage are: low carbon steel/stainless steel cage, bakelite/plastic (nylon) cage, brass/bronze/aluminum cage and so on.
The raw materials of the die casting thrust bearing cage are aluminum alloy and brass. The raw materials are melted and poured into the die casting mold of the die casting machine to form the thrust bearing cage in one time.The casting gate is mounted on the lathe. However, the die casting aluminum alloy cage requires a large tonnage of equipment, and the mold design and manufacture are complex, so it is easy for the cage to be pulled during die casting.It is necessary to improve the quality of the die - casting thrust bearing cage under the condition of bearing bearing impact, vibration and variable speed.
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