Tractor clutch release bearing–useful bearing

228 Published by Oct 16,2018

Tractor clutch release bearing is specialized used in tractor clutch,Hand tractor is a kind of small tractor, popular in China's villages and towns a means of transport and agricultural machinery, with diesel engine power, its small flexible and powerful characteristics make it very popular with farmers.

china tractor clutch release bearing
Tractor clutch release bearing have important role in hand tractor,do you know how to Installation and removal the tractor clutch release bearing?Firstly,you have to remove the clutch retaining nut and pull the lever. Usually the clutch will fall off by itself, otherwise it will have a grip.Then remove the separator and remove the separator embedded in the bearing.It sounds easy,but it is difficult when you start to do it.

china tractor clutch release bearing
In order to improve the working conditions of drivers, the walking tractor manufactured in China added 1~2 supporting wheels and installed seats to become a riding tractor.Tilling tractors, also known as wheeled tractors, are characterized by the fact that there is no driving wheel, but a rotating ploughing component is installed on the driving shaft, which not only tills the soil but also moves forward.When the tractor clutch release bearing works, the force of the clutch pedal is transmitted to the clutch release bearing.The clutch bearing is moved toward the center of the clutch pressure plate so that the pressure plate is pushed away from the clutch plate, separating the clutch disc from the flywheel.When the clutch pedal is released, the spring pressure in the pressure plate pushes the pressure plate forward and pushes against the clutch disc,causing the clutch disc and the clutch bearing to disengage and complete a working cycle.That is why we say tractor clutch release bearing have important role in hand tractor,
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