Travel trailer wheel bearings material detail

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Common travel trailer wheel bearings materials and uses:
(1) High-carbon chromium bearing steel The vast majority of bearing rings and rolling bodies are made of special steel.High carbon chromium bearing steel (GCr15 and GCr15SiMn and ZGCr15 and ZGCr15SiMn) is used to manufacture the ring and rolling body, and the hardness of its parts is as follows:  
The rings and rollers made of GCr15 and ZGCr15 are HRc61~65, and the steel balls are HRc62~66  
The rings and rollers made of GCr15SiMn and ZGCr15SiMn materials are HRc60~64, and the steel balls are HRc60~66 travel trailer wheel bearings
Travel trailer wheel bearings made of high carbon steel chromium bearing steel are generally applicable to the operating temperature range of -40~130 degrees, and oil and grease lubrication is normal  
It can meet the requirements of general machinery.High carbon chromium bearing steel travel trailer wheel bearings parts can adapt to working temperature up to 250 degrees after heat recovery.  
With the progress of smelting technology, different smelting methods can be adopted for high carbon chromium bearing steel, such as vacuum smelting technology, which can greatly reform the intrinsic quality of steel, especially the oxygen content in steel and the non-metallic inclusions formed by it have been significantly reduced.  travel trailer wheel bearings
According to a large number of test data show that GCr15, GCr15SiMn, ZGCr15, ZGCr15SiMn bearing steels obtained by different smelting methods are manufactured travel trailer wheel bearings.
(2) the carburizing bearing steel made of carburizing bearing steel ring and rolling body,travel trailer wheel bearings hardness is: race and rolling elements is HRc60 ~ 64, general fitness and to work for - 40 ~ 140 degrees Celsius temperature, oil and grease lubrication is normal, can be used in larger impact vibration conditions, such as locomotive and rolling mill bearing, etc., but the steel heat treatment process is more complex.  
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