Several manifestations of the effect of erosion on the life of 12mm rod end bearings

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Bearings are eroded differently due to different use environments, because the erosion methods are different. Of course, the 12mm rod end bearing cannot escape the fate of being eroded. Let's talk about the three ways in which the 12mm rod end bearing is eroded.

1. Cavitation

Cavitation in 12mm rod end bearings is a form of surface damage that occurs when a solid surface is in contact with a liquid and moves relative to it. When the lubricating oil is in the low pressure area of ​​the oil film, bubbles will be formed in the oil. After the bubbles move to the high pressure area, the bubbles collapse under the action of pressure. At the moment of collapse, a great impact force and high temperature are generated, and the solid surface is in this area. Under the repeated action of the impact force, the material will fatigue and fall off, causing small pits on the friction surface, which will then develop into spongy scars. Cavitation often occurs in sliding bearings with heavy loads, high speeds, and large changes in load and speed;12mm rod end bearing

2. Fluid erosion

The fluid erosion of the 12mm rod end bearing refers to the fluid erosion caused by the violent impact of the fluid on the solid surface, causing point-like scars to appear on the solid surface, and the surface of this damage is relatively smooth;

3. Electric erosion

The electrical erosion of the bearing refers to the electric sparks generated between the friction surfaces of the 12mm rod end bearing due to the leakage of electric motors or electrical appliances, causing point-shaped scars on the friction surfaces, which are characterized by the reciprocation of the damage on the hard journal surface.

In order to predict the fatigue life of rolling bearings and determine the remaining life, it is necessary to understand all the phenomena of bearing fatigue failure, which will take a long time. However, since rolling fatigue is fatigue that occurs under compressive stress at the point of contact, extreme material changes will occur to achieve failure.12mm rod end bearing

Therefore, it is possible to judge the fatigue level of rod ends by detecting material changes, except for cases where early cracks appear on the surface, the raceway is chemically affected, and the crack propagation precedes the material change.

The fatigue degree of the 12mm rod end bearing can be grasped by measuring the residual stress of the raceway surface, the half width of the diffraction line, and the change of the amount of retained austenite by using an X-ray machine.

These values ​​will change as fatigue increases. Since the residual stress will increase at the initial fatigue stage and approach the saturation value, it can be used to detect slight fatigue. is related to the aggravation. By summarizing these X-ray test values ​​into an index (fatigue index), the relationship with the bearing endurance test time is found.

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