What is the simple choice of 6010 2rs bearing?

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What is the simple choice of 6010 2rs bearing? What impact will different choices have on bearing collocation? What are the consequences even for machinery? These problems, I believe that most customers are very concerned about.  
1. Interference fit or transition fit should be selected for the 6010 2rs bearing ring relative to the load.  Gap fit should be selected for the ferrule which is fixed relative to the load direction. When the non-detachable bearing is used as the flow support, the ring with fixed direction relative to the load should be used as the moving ring, and the clearance fit or transition fit should be selected.  

6010 2rs bearing
2, the type and size of the load when the impact load or heavy load, generally should choose more closely than normal, light load.  The radial bearing load is divided by the ratio of radial equivalent dynamic load PR to radial rated dynamic load CR.
The greater the load, the greater the fit interference. Load PR/CR Less than or equal to 0.07 Light load greater than 0.07 to 0.15 Normal load greater than 0.15 heavy load.  
3. 6010 2rs bearing size With the increase of bearing size, the larger the interference fit selected, the larger the clearance fit clearance.  

6010 2rs
4. The interference fit of 6010 2rs bearing clearance will lead to the reduction of bearing clearance. It should be checked whether the clearance of bearing meets the requirements after installation, so as to correctly select the fit and 6010 2rs bearing clearance.  
5, other factors affect the material, strength and thermal conductivity of the shaft and bearing seat; External and in the 6010 2rs bearing heat conduction way and heat, support installation and adjustment performance affect the choice of match.  
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