Why is the freight higher than the value of 6000 ceramic bearing, customers still need to purchase?

207 Published by admin Mar 20,2019

I came to this company for three months tomorrow. I also received a lot of enquiries in three months. This is due to the picture and quality of our products, but it disappeared after the price was reported. I am very hurt, always questioning whether I have a problem with writing a letter, or I am not suitable for foreign trade, but sometimes the first order is unexpected, although there are only a few more than 700 RMB value for 6000 ceramic bearing, but this is the right The affirmation of my work is also the reason why I continue to persist, and it is the source of self-confidence. On the morning of December 20th, New Year's Day, this customer sent me a hi on Trademanager, but because I was still asleep in the early morning, I didn't see it naturally. I saw Trademanager at 8 o'clock and saw it. I regret that time. I thought that the customer had flew, but in order to show friendship and hold a glimmer of hope, I politely replied. Unexpectedly, I received a reply from the customer when I was at work 1 o'clock and a half in the afternoon, and he was still online, so he chatted and saw him online. I was a hilarious person. This customer was very simple and quickly decided to buy 6000 ceramic bearing and the quantity, let me quote the price of 6000 ceramic bearing, after reporting with the boss's accounting, to help customers check the freight for 6000 ceramic bearing, because the customer's city in the DHL system is a remote area, so plus remote Fees, shipping costs are higher than the value of 6000 ceramic bearing. However, this customer has no objection to the freight, and the price of 6000 ceramic bearing has passed once. I thought that this time I can open the bill smoothly, but the good things are more and more, there is a problem in the payment link, the customer insists on only the paypal payment method. At that time, our company did not have a paypal account, and paypal payment had a high handling fee. It was necessary to add a handling fee to the total price and communicate with the customer. This time the customer was angry and ignored me directly, so she ran aground. I thought this one was over.6000 ceramic bearing

The transfer appeared on December 24th, that is, on Christmas Eve, I think foreigners have gone home for the holidays. I didn't expect this customer to contact me on Trademanager. I re-issued the 6000 ceramic bearing quotation and the fee is discounted. We have no profit at all, thank you for the support of our boss), the final customer agreed, but still insist on paypal payment, so I discussed with the boss again, the boss finally agreed to pay with paypal (now applied for an account) did not expect After the account was sent to the customer, the customer paid at that time for 6000 ceramic bearing, I was very happy! The next step is to confirm the address phone number and the consignee's name with the customer. Our boss is also very refreshed. The delivery was arranged in the afternoon.I thought I could wait for the customer to receive 6000 ceramic bearing. I didn’t expect it. When 6000 ceramic bearing left Hong Kong, I was told that no company name could not be shipped out. At that time, it was already Christmas Eve. The customer must go home for the holidays. If I can't leave the port, it means I have to wait for Christmas. I am anxious, hurry and customers. Contact and pray that he can see it when he is at home. , May God bless me ! Huang Tian pays off, after I waited for three hours, I finally received the customer's reply company name, 6000 ceramic bearing finally embarked on a trip to a foreign country, I thought I could breathe a sigh of relief However, I am still worried about the problem of the goods. I waited for about a week or so. During this period, I was paying attention to the 6000 ceramic bearing every day. I found that 6000 ceramic bearing had been delivered in a week or so, so I gave it. The customer sent an email and also commented on Trademanager asking if the customer received 6000 ceramic bearing, 6000 ceramic bearing is not damaged. What is the evaluation of our 6000 ceramic bearing? Soon the customer replied to me very good, and now my whole heart is put down, this one is completed.

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