ceramic bearing lubrication–Oil free self-lubricating

134 Published by Mar 19,2019

Ceramic bearing lubrication of Hybrid ceramic bearings have the following four advantages in the application process.(1), ceramic bearing lubrication:high temperature resistance, ceramic ball thermal expansion coefficient is small, in the high temperature environment will not cause the bearing ball to expand due to temperature, so greatly improve the application temperature of all bearings, the temperature of ordinary bearings is about 160 degrees, ceramic The ball can reach more than 220 degrees.

(2)ceramic bearing lubrication:high speed, ceramic ball has oil-free self ceramic bearing lubrication
, ceramic bearing lubrication ball friction coefficient is small, so ceramic ball bearings have a very high rotational speed. The statistics of the ceramic ball bearings are more than 1.5 times the speed of the general bearing. ceramic bearing lubrication

(3) long life, ceramic bearing lubrication ball can be without any grease, but also insisted that the bitter oil is dry, the bearing can still work, so it is spared the normal bearing in the bearing due to the dryness of the bearing caused by the premature destruction of improvisation According to our test and some customer feedback, the application life of the bearing after the ceramic ball is 2-3 times that of the ordinary bearing.

(4) Insulation. Select the bearing of the ceramic bearing lubrication ball to insulate the upper and lower rings of the bearing. Since the ceramic ball is an insulator, the ceramic ball can be used between the upper and lower rings of the bearing to achieve the effect of insulation. The bearings can be used in an electrically conductive environment. This also shares the greatest advantages of ceramic bearings.

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