The friction maintenance method of 6010 rs bearing

17 Published by admin Sep 15,2021

The problem of 6010 rs bearing is generally manifested in two types; one is that the temperature of the bearing equipment is too high; the other is that there is noise in the bearing operation. Bearing temperature is too high

The location of the 6010 rs bearing of the equipment agrees to have a certain temperature; when touching the housing of the mechanism with your hand, it is normal to not understand the complexity; on the contrary, it is marked that the bearing temperature is too high. The reasons for the excessively high 6010 rs bearing temperature are: the quality of the smooth oil does not meet the requirements or growth; the viscosity of the smooth oil is too high, the mechanism installation is too tight (lack of clearance), the bearing installation is too tight, the bearing seat ring changes on the shaft or in the housing, and the load is too large , Bearings, ball bearings or rolling elements are broken, etc.6010 rs

The function of 6010 rs deep groove ball bearing is to make the fixed ring and rotating ring of deep groove ball bearing and the fixed part (usually the bearing seat) and the rotating part (usually the bearing seat) soil together. axis). Reciprocally, completed the basic daily tasks of transferring loads under rotating conditions and clarifying the position of the motion system relative to the fixed system software.

6010 rs deep groove ball bearings must be fixed on the shaft and in the bearing housing in three directions: axial, radial and radial. Accurate positioning in the axial and radial directions is based on the matching of double-row deep groove ball bearing throws. Radial precise positioning is only used in very few situations; generally, tight mutual fit is used; generally, radial restricting components, such as bearing end covers and plain washers, are used to limit the radial position within the gap.

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