Do you want to know our 6300 bearing price?

104 Published by admin Dec 09,2019

The customer sent an enquiry for 6300 bearing price of axial load through our main product, asking for their own products instead of our pictures of 6300 bearing price for axial load. Based on our accumulated experience over the years, I spent five minutes analyzing the inquiry: 1. The customer’s goal is clear, the purchase intention should be strong 2. The customer’s product is special, the order quantity should be more optimistic. 3. Customers from Germany, should be more quality-oriented.

After the analysis, I cautiously send the customer's 6300 bearing price and showed our customers our professionalism and factory strength. After three days, the customer will reply by email and will send us a quality sample of 6300 bearing price for axial load, hoping that we will follow their sample proofing.6300 bearing price

Due to the initial contact, there is not much communication, and there is not much understanding of the target quality and 6300 bearing price of the customer. So I also arranged three different quality and 6300 bearing price samples of deep groove ball bearing axial load Option A/B/C for customers to choose.

Half a month after the sample was sent out, the customer’s email reply felt that we were very sincere and professional. The three products of deep groove ball bearing axial load allowed them to make the most cost-effective choice, so choose to cooperate with us. After all the details were negotiated in the next two weeks, after giving some professional advice, the customer placed the order of 6300 bearing price.

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