The difference between ABEC9 bearings and ordinary bearings

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The accuracy level and material properties of abec 9 bearing is more favorable than ordinary bearings. According to the understanding and analysis of precision bearings, I will tell you about the difference between ABEC9 bearings and ordinary bearings, the requirements for the use of abec 9 bearing, and how bearings do it Precise and reliable?
The difference between abec 9 bearing and ordinary bearings:

1. The size requirements are different. The size deviation (inner diameter, outer diameter, ellipse, etc.) of products with high accuracy grades is smaller than the value required for products with low accuracy grades;

2. The required value of rotation accuracy is different. The rotation accuracy of products with high accuracy grade (inner radial runout, outer radial runout, end face runout, etc.) is stricter than the required value of products with low accuracy grade;

3. The required values ​​of surface shape and surface quality are different. The surface shape and surface quality (surface roughness of raceway or groove, circular deviation, groove deviation, etc.) of products with abec 9 bearing are lower than the precision grade bearing. The value of the product requirements must be strict;

4. The material properties of products with particularly abec 9 bearing are more advantageous than those of products with general accuracy grades bearing.abec 9 bearing

Under normal circumstances, abec 9 bearing requirements for accessories:

1. The roundness of the shaft and the seat hole and the verticality of the shoulder should be required in accordance with the corresponding accuracy of the bearing.

2. It is necessary to accurately calculate the interference amount of the rotating ferrule as well as the appropriate amount of the fixed ferrule.

The burning interference of the rotating ferrule should also be smaller within the possible range. As long as the effect of thermal expansion at the working temperature and the effect of centrifugal force at the maximum speed are ensured, the creep or slippage of the tight-fitting surface will not be caused. According to the size of the working load and the size of the bearing, the fixed ring selects a very small clearance fit or an interference fit. Too loose or too tight is not conducive to maintaining the original precise shape.

3. If the abec 9 bearing runs under high-speed conditions and the working temperature is high, special attention should be paid to the fit of the rotating ferrule not to be too loose to prevent eccentric vibration, and there must be no gap in the fit of the fixed ferrule to prevent the ferrule from being loaded. Deforms downward and excites vibration.

4. The condition of adopting small interference fit for the fixed ring is that both sides of the matching surface have high shape accuracy and small roughness, otherwise it will cause difficulty in installation and more difficult to disassemble. In addition, the effect of thermal elongation of the spindle needs to be considered.

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