What is the difference between turntable bearings and rolling bearings

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What is the difference between turntable bearings and rolling bearings

   1. As far as everything is normal, the turntable bearings contain the ABS gear ring for the rotary drive and the sealing equipment for anti-fouling. This equipment has a key function to ensure that all the slewing bearings are normal and low-speed gears run for a long time.

  2. The specifications of roller bearings are usually relatively small, while the specifications of turntable bearings are very large, and their diameter is generally 0.4-10 meters, and even some slewing bearings have a diameter of about 40 meters. Perhaps, such sufficient and necessary conditions are not very common.

  3. In terms of operating speed, compared with roller bearings, the operating speed of turntable bearings is lower, generally below 50 revolutions per minute. In many places where rolling bearings must be turned, turntable bearing do not run continuously, but only rotate back and forth within the angle of view, which is equivalent to "swaying rolling bearings".turntable bearings

  4. The installation method of turntable bearing and general roller bearings is different. Turntable bearings are not put on the spindle and installed in the rolling bearing box like ordinary rolling bearings, but they are fixed on the upper and lower rubber bearings with screws.

  5. Turntable bearing usually have to bear loads of multiple levels, not only radial force and axial force, but also large collapse torque. Therefore, a complete set of turntable bearings usually plays the same role as ordinary roller bearings.

  6. ​​There is a big difference between turntable bearings and roller bearings in terms of raw materials and quenching and tempering treatment.

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