Ball bearing 6201z order from a US customer

209 Published by admin Dec 21,2018

Ball bearing 6201z is widely used deep groove ball bearing,We OEM an Ball bearing 6201z order for a US customer,he came to Jinan to visit our office,we have lunch together.when the customer arrive in Jinan,it was really a very cold weather day,the customer visit our office,then let us check some bearing samples,he wants us to produce same ball bearing 6201z for him.we accept the order,it is really a happy day.

precision ball bearing 6201z
I know this customer in 2017,he take some nonstandard bearing from us in the first time,he also is the first one who send bearing samples to me,I really very cherish this customer,he is a very honest and trustworthy man,so I am really very appreciate he could give us the ball bearing 6201z order.This bearing is used in textile machine,it is from a biggest customer of his company,we promise to him that we will produce totally same with his samples.
We confirm our price for bearing on Tuesday,but the delivery time is a little long,it needs 45-50 days,because this bearing need to be made of special steel material,this material is hard to find,so it needs more time than usually bearings.

china ball bearing 6201z
After considered some days,the customer decide to accept our price and delivery time,then let other friend in china transfer some RMB deposit to us,we start to produce the bearing order for him.
After 40 days,the customer want to come to our office to take all goods,after check some ball bearing 6201z samples,he is very satisfied with the bearing quality,he told me that hope have more cooperation for bearing business with us in the future.After 2 month later,the US customer place more 6201z bearings from our factory,his customer think our bearing quality is best.
If you need ball bearing 6201z or any models of bearings, please contact me!
Contact: Leon
Skype: lh19881023
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