Luck + hard work, win high quality customers: Swedish customer purchase ball bearing turntable

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Due to the new company, there is no understanding of the European market and there are no old customers. So in the early days, I searched the European countries in the customs data.Looking for each company's website, initially determine whether the customer is professional in the ball bearing turntable line.

The webpage contains the ball bearing turntable category or similar products to our company, marked as a key customer, and search for contact information.

However, the development of the previous period was a bit messy, and I felt a little bit of an eyebrow and a beard. Because I just came to the company, I urgently needed to make a bill to establish my own information, and I didn't understand the European market. So I didn't particularly want to follow the country.

Because I have seen relevant foreign trade courses. So the main thing is to read some chapters on the European market, namely, “diversified market development – ​​breaking through the European conservative market”, and I have a little understanding of several major European countries.

I made a series of the company's main ball bearing turntable, posted a screenshot of the high-definition picture, as the second development letter.ball bearing turntable factory

However, I did not use group sending, they are sent to each customer one by one, to the customer's name, even if it is a different contact of the same company, I will look at the situation to pick out the main contact, one for the development , the theme will be slightly modified to avoid spam.

The result received a reply from a Swedish customer A.

I briefly investigated the customer in the first time and did a simple analysis:

1. The company is mainly engaged in ball bearing turntable, which is very compatible with our products.

There are not many products on the website of ball bearing turntable, which proves that customers are relatively professional.

2. In 2017, the customs data only has one ticket import data, and the value of tens of dollars, but it does not mean that the customer has no strength. It may have a factory in Sweden and the main products are imported from Europe.

3, the most important thing is to take every potential customer with serious potential.

4. Although I received the customer's mail, it was already 12 o'clock in the morning, I immediately sent the quotation of the inquiry ball bearing turntable with the mobile phone.

The customer replied to my email the next day and simply responded to Thanks for the info.ball bearing turntable manufacturer

Because I am quite sure about the quality of our ball bearing turntable, but the price may be too high, so I am afraid that the customer will receive an quotation that will have an objection to the price, and then there is no following.

So I think I can use the ball bearing turntable sample to do the doorknob, not to talk about the price of the ball bearing turntable, and let the customer test the ball bearing turntable sample to show my confidence in this product, so that customers can be interested I will talk about it.

So I suggested that the customer test the sample of the ball bearing turntable, and from the customer's point of view, actively issued the specification of the ball bearing turntable.

I didn't expect the customer to show a little more interest immediately. Find me the details of the ball bearing turntable.

The email communication is very timely in the future.

The customer said that he needed three types of ball bearing turntable, so he arranged it and sent it to the customer.high quality ball bearing turntable

Every time I email my customer, I responded very promptly. Even if I received the email very late, I will give the customer a QUICK REPLY and tell him that I will reply to him when I go to work.

The customer's time difference is 7 hours later than me, so I try to check the customer's inquiry before the 15 pm to check the R&D, and then reply to the customer.

Suddenly, the customer actually took the initiative to call the office to find me, I was still carefully replying to his email.

Later, there was an episode. When the customer called me for the second time, I just went to work after dinner. I received a call from the customer and asked me another ball bearing turntable on our website. I also asked a professional. The problem.

Since I was not very clear about the ball bearing turntable at the time, I replied to the customer that the ball bearing turntable was not a new product because it was a new product. The question about the angle should go to work tomorrow to find an engineer to confirm and then reply to him.

The customer didn't say anything at the time. As a result, I was not professional after emailing, saying that I didn't know my product.

To be honest, I was still very sad at the time, but I didn't say anything. I have nothing to say. It is indeed my own unprofessional. I can't tell the customer that I am still a new person, although the customer may have already felt it!

good price ball bearing turntableWell, in the face of customer doubts, I replied directly to one: SORRY! I did not explain too much about my unprofessionalism, and focused on continuing communication.

As a result, the customer did not feel relieved, and the ball bearing turntable sample quantity request was given the next day.

I feel that the possibility of taking an order is ten out of ten, and I am really happy.

Help the customer apply for a minimum price, then order, and won!

The lovely point is that after the customer has signed the PI of ball bearing turntable, he has asked for the payment method, saying that the full amount will not be paid.

Then I modified the PI of ball bearing turntable to change the payment method to 30% before T/T, and 70% of the balance was paid before shipment.

The customer did not pay attention to me, and did not re-sign the modified PI, directly paid the full amount of ball bearing turntable, too cute.

If you need any brand bearings or any models of bearings, please contact me!

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